Plastic-Wrapped Bodies Floating Above the Ground, A Photography Project on the Negative Impact of Plastic to the Environment

Plastic-Wrapped Bodies Floating Above the Ground, A Photography Project on the Negative Impact of Plastic to the Environment -- Living in the urban center is a lot more challenging than in the countryside in terms of complications that a man can bring to the environment. The processes and raw materials in the suburbs are rather quite simple as compared to what you can find in the cities. The degree of the negative impacts of the two to mother nature is also very different. Cities may possess the appropriate technology to perform daily household chores faster, while things maybe a lot less convenient to execute or perform in the provinces. On both grounds, an Independent photography professional from Panama in the person of Andrew Brodhead, presented an excellent medium to internalize the bad effects of plastics to the environment - through a set of creepy photographs.

If you've been watching the trends a few hours ago, the "Haunting Photographs of Plastic-Wrapped Bodies Floating Above the Ground" photography project has been sweeping the interwebs. The materials both bring tickles to the spiritual realm and the dreadful after effects of polluting our forests, waters and urban centers.

Here goes the exquisite works of Andrew, title "Floating". It is set in different locations, showing plastic wrapped human body like a mummy, floating in the air. As Brodhead writes:
Growing up in Savannah, Georgia, I worked at my parent’s health food store, and as a kid my daily job was to take out the recycling. Through the years I started to realize how much was not recyclable. I began to think about landfills and where everything goes. There are islands of plastic taking over the oceans, the earth is suffocating from plastic that never biodegrades, and our water and environment are leaching toxic estrogenic compounds. Visually, I want to convey the sacrifice we have made by our consumption and waste. The wrapped bodies represent invasive cocoons floating over vulnerable landscapes.
What do you think of the photos above? How do you interpret them with reference to our very own environmental issues in the Philippines?

Andrew Brodhead studied in Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). His Linkedin profile can be accessed through "", while his photography page and personal website are located in the following links:


Source: Petapixel


  1. These photographs are creepy! Especially the fourth one, it looks so timely for Halloween. However, the negative impact of plastic to the environment is really creepy in the long run, so this is really a good way to convey the message.

  2. This may take a lot of certain discussion about mother nature. I felt very disturb but a lot of plastic materials are thrown anywhere, so the earth gets polluted.

  3. We have the same environment problem as in other countries, this is a worldwide problem that must be resolved the soonest with the help of both communities and governments.

  4. I'm sensing its a depiction that plastic has caused the death of these different natural attraction.

  5. I think these photographs may mean that human will eventually be eaten alive by plastic for continuous usage and improper disposal. The Earth is deteriorating rapidly due to several factors and we as the rational being should take the stand and be united to protect and preserve Mother Nature.

  6. These photos are clear messages of what we can expect to happen to all of us if we do not get our acts together in protecting the environment.

  7. Scary. But bottom line Karma. We need to do something with our acts today, for it will definitely affect our future!