DOH Tests Other Korean Noodle Brands for Possible Carcinogen Benzopyrene Content

Department of Health (DOH) Tests Other Korean Noodle Brands for Possible Cancer-Causing Substance Content -- Perhaps it is high time to stick to locally manufactured noodles at the moment, seeing that our health authority has been undergoing tough times in determining other affected foreign noodle brands in the country.
Through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the DOH has been doing the rounds of testing 55 other Korean noodle brands, after the discovery of traces of carcinogen benzopyrene in six (6) other brands.

Here's the new list of affected Korean brand noodles according to the DOH:
  • Nongshim Neoguri Mild
  • Nongshim Big Bowl Noodle Shrimp
  • Nongshim Saeng Saeng Udon Bowl Noodles
  • Nongshim Saeng Saen Udon
  • Nong Shim Neoguri Hot, and 
  • Nongshim Neoguri Hot Multi
The further test on the other 50+ Korean noodle brands is being undertaken as a precautionary measure according to Health Secretary Enrique Ona
It has been learned that Korean authority lab put benzopyrene to noodles at levels 0.4 to 1.6 ppb (parts per billion), which means that eating 60 bowls of contaminated Korean noodles is like smoking ten cigarette sticks.

FDA and DOH promised to release the results of its analysis on the other noodles, the soonest time possible.

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