Get a Porsche From Petron (Petron Passion for Porsche Toy Promo)

Get a Porsche From Petron -- Would you like own a Cayman, Carrera, Panamera, Cayenne and the precious GT3 RSR? A collection of scale models of these Porsche series can be availed from Petron gas stations until January 31, 2013. This is Petron's treat to the car lovers and collectors as year 2012 bids farewell.
How to get these Porshe scale model collections? If you purchase or accumulate points worth P1,000, you can can buy the car toys for only P180 ($4.38). At the initial phase, the car models available are:
  1. Black Porsche Carrera
  2. Red Porsche Cayman
  3. Blue Porsche Panamera
  4. Silver Porsche Cayenne
While in order to complete the set, the GT3 RSR will be available on Dec. 1, 2012 so watch out for it!

These are some of Petron's Collectibles Limited Edition items, which come at scale 1:32 model of the actual race cars. The material is made of high quality die cast metal. Other properties are:
  • Each car come with a removable base
  • Equipped with sound chip to produce realistic revving engine sound (with horn and car alarm)
  • With LED head and tail lights
  • Car doors can be opened (triggers the alarm and flashing of head and tail lights)
Start saving you purhchase recipts now and indulge the "Petron Passion for Porsche" promo. You can qualify if you buy any of the following fuels:
  1. Blaze
  2. XCS
  3. Xtra Unleaded
  4. Diesel Max and;
  5. Turbo Diesel
Get these Porsche collectibles / scale models from the participating Petron stations. Please note that this is a same site redemption only, but is valid for cash and credit card transactions.

The promo is only until January 31, 2013, so hurry!

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