Automatic Braking System Proposed for Large Buses and Trucks in Japan

Automatic Braking System Proposed for Large Buses and Trucks in Japan -- Japan's transport ministry is now planning to make it mandatory for large buses (new), specially those that are often driven in the expressways, to be equipped with an automatic braking system to reduce accidents and other expressway collisions, which have been becoming alarming in the recent years. Later on, the Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ministry will submit a proposal for the said system, to be reviewed by a certain experts panel.
It is intended that gradually, large buses including trucks shall be mandated to install the automatic braking system for enhanced safety measures. The automatic braking technology will be employing a radar setup that can detect if a vehicle is about to engage in a crash or collision. It is estimated that if the system can slow down a running vehicle to a speed of less than 20kph during a possible accident, it could reduce casualties in the vehicle by more or less 90 percent.
A bit of detail on the plan, the new large trucks that are over 22 tons shall be required to install the automatic braking system after November 2014. While those that are over 20 tons shall be required on November 2016.

At the moment, the braking upgrade is currently being introduced to passenger cars.

This is a thing to ponder when it comes to our own buses here in Metro Manila. But considering the driving behavior that some of our drivers have, it will be a great challenge for the Metro's transport planning and management bodies. If we can't afford to tame our own tempers in the street, what's the use of these high-end innovations?

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