Shoe Inspection at NAIA no Longer Mandatory

Shoe Inspection at NAIA no Longer Mandatory -- This just got in! According to the latest words from the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA), beginning November 1, shoe inspection " the final security checkpoints in the departure areas of all NAIA terminals" will no longer be mandatory for the passengers. At least, under normal alert conditions.
Ninoy Aquino International Airport /
MIAA general manager Jose Angel Honrado said:
Screeners may only ask passengers to remove their shoes if the alarm of the walk-through metal detector is triggered, or if a passenger is randomly selected for shoe screening every 10 to 20 passengers
Passengers will surely be delighted by this development as this will further speed up their departure process. This is also our modest contribution to government efforts to improve frontline services in airports and seaports
The said inspection goes back to "Mandatory" during a "high alert level" case.

On the other hand, carriers bound for the United States will continue to carry out the step in their security inspection procedures. This is as per required by the US Department of Homeland Security.

We cannot deny that at some point, shoe inspection at the airport's departure screening section is a major inconvenience. It has become a cause of flight delays due to the long queues in the way.

This maybe a good call for MIAA but still, an efficient detecting machine will be an excellent backup.


  1. Oh, we actually do not need such security measure, and I agree with you, our airport needs better surveillance and detecting machines. It was just so unfortunate to learn that NAIA 3 does have defective CCTV.

  2. I still in favor of the shoe inspection, it makes us feel more secure. Here in the US and other big airports in Europe, passengers are required to remove the shoes ,put them in the try together will all other hand carry and pass the x ray machine. while the passenger walk barefooted for body inspection and xray

  3. It's indeed inconvenient to remove shoes and takes long for some people to do it. But security first. Making it not a mandatory anymore will make a lot of passengers happy though.

  4. I'm not actually sure if this is a welcome initiative since threats to security is constant although I must admit that shoe inspection is quite inconvenient.

  5. I would agree with some of the comments above. I would still in favor of removing shoes for inspection. Security is a must nowadays!

  6. If there are threats or alerts... this rule will be implemented again. I think, shoe inspection is very significant and there's nothing wrong in keeping it as SOP in NAIA. Opportunists may take advantage of this change.

  7. Hmm hopefully this becomes a permanent feature. The long checks at airports don't really do anything but hassle passengers; which is why I've taken to traveling wearing slippers!

  8. I soo love this when I saw this in the news. If within Philippines, I usually travel in my slippers or sandals so I can remove them easily in airport. No hassle. But now, I can wear my sneakers without un-tying the shoe laces. Woohoo!!