New UNIMART in Pasig by 2015; Expect Further Traffic Congestion

New UNIMART in Pasig by 2015; Expect Further Traffic Congestion -- To the urban dwellers and frequent visitors, specially those who love going to the malls, this maybe good news to you while on the other hand, an addition to the tough challenges for our city administrators to take care of in the coming days. A new shopping center will be rising at the corner of Meralco Avenue and Shaw Boulevard in Pasig City.
Image of an architect’s perspective of the planned commercial center, as e-mailed to media (
Close to SSS, Sprint Business Center, Philippine National Red Cross and Ynares Sports Complex, the Unimart center will be rising at this point in the map:
ORTIGAS & Co. partnered with Unimart, build another shopping center in Ortigas. This will be going as a mixed-used development that is situated in Kapitolyo, Pasig. The executives from both entities signed the contract on Sept. 26 to build the "10-hectare Capitol Commons complex" at  the said location.

Sylvan John S. Monzon, Ortigas business development manager, said:
Total land area that we are leasing to Unimart is 12,000 square meters, and construction is expected to finish in the first quarter of 2015.

Construction will start in the first quarter of 2013.
That's not all folks! Aside from the Unimart supermarket, a luxury shopping mall Estancia and 400-unit Royalton, a residential tower, will also be built.

Few Thoughts:
While Ortigas Center has been a heavy traffic generator / attractor, this additional shopping center and residential tower are of course added strains to our already stressed out transportation network and urban setting. It goes the same on the local government of Pasig with respect to city-level traffic planing, administration and control. If you are a frequent commuter to / of the business district, you probably know how traffic congestion goes in the area. Imagine the scenario in 2015, when Unimart and Royalton are in full operation.

Ortigas & Co and Unimart better have the suitable sustainable urban transport plans and programs for this up and coming gigantic traffic producer and perhaps, smoke emission catalyst. Don't you think so?

This has got to be a warning to look into, specially that the NSCB pointed out that the Aquino administration is falling behind transport sector targets.
..17 out of 27 transport sector indicators under the Philippine Development Plan have a low probability of achieving their 2016 targets.
The statistics board remarked that the transport sector has to move double time in order to achieve the said 2016 targets. (Source)

NSCB - National Statistical Coordination Board

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  1. It is already congested in that area because its the main road used to go to different schools. When we bring our child to school we have to take the longer route just so we can avoid that area and now they are even thinking of putting a mall there. And its not like its far from the unimart that's in San Juan? Sometimes I wonder if the city officials even think of these basic things? tsk tsk