IT Scholarships (BILIB IT) for Qualified Inmates, Launched in Taguig City Jail

IT Scholarships (BILIB IT) for Qualified Inmates, Launched in Taguig City Jail -- With cooperation among TESDA, Informatics, BJMP and Taguig City Jail, through Taguig City mayor Lani Cayetano and initiative of Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, an IT program has been launched at Taguig City Jail.The program is called “BILIB I.T.”; It hopes to help the convicts in getting better chances of integrating back into the society they once left to serve their sentences.
BILIB I.T. will grant:
...information technology (IT) scholarships to qualified inmates so they can learn productive skills that will help them get back on their feet.
During the launching, Cayetano said:
We’ll see if we can try building call centers inside jail facilities to help these detainees utilize their training and gain employment
I eventually want to get there because it’s a step further toward better rehabilitation
The course to be offered in the scholarship program are the following:
  1. Basic IT
  2. Adobe Photoshop
  3. Computer hardware servicing and;
  4. A finishing course for call center agents, which includes: English proficiency and web design.
The initial batch of the course got the following inmates to enjoy the said IT scholarship: 1) Alvin Alison, 21 2) Ronnie Omanitu, 24 3) Belinda Pagulayan, 48 and 4) Jenny Canlas, 28.

Moreover, this scholarship targets to cater at least 200 inmates. Hopefully, the number will double through the assistance of the Technical and Education Skills Development Authority or TESDA.

Who can avail of the BILIB IT / IT Scholarship Program for Inamtes?
Those who have served their sentence but prefer to live inside the penal community due to lack of skills necessary to rejoin the work force, detainees who have minimum security and those inmates with sentences not longer than six years (Cayetano)
We should give them a chance to make a living and become productive members of society in the future
So in the coming months or years maybe, we would be expecting a new addition to our call center workforce in the country. The successful candidate inmates for this education opportunity and a chance to earn competitive qualifications for further jobs in the future, could be  answering some of your telephone queries and other telecommuting needs. This IT program is their ticket to initiate direct commercial contact with the public, so I think it is just lenient to give them this piece of chance.

Minus the political intent, this program can be progressive. Instead of keeping the inmates stagnant while enduring the lack of basic services inside the prison cells, this chance could make their time worthwhile.

BILIB I.T. or not, this is a phenomenon in progress. Just so you know.


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