First E-Parking System in the Philippines, Powered by Smart Money

Smart Money Powers First E-Parking System in the Philippines -- Get yourself ready for the first ever cashless (e-parking) parking system in the country! Smart Communications, Inc. revealed that Smart Money account holders can now pay for their parking charges when they park their vehicles along Roxas Boulevard service road in Manila. A project named e-Park, which was crafted via collaboration between Smart Money and parking operator Wi-Tech Solutions & Development Corp. made this thing possible.

So if you own an electronic wallet service account in Smart Money, this cashless payment system is for you. No more hassles in looking for your cash to pay for your parking fee - you just have to send an SMS and in the flash of a split second, you are good to go. Smart Financial Services Head Tricia Dizon said:
No more rummaging in your bag for a wallet and for spare change. Also, there will be no more panic over missing parking receipts because the system will send you an SMS containing the details of your transaction right after you text the code
After texting a certain code, Smart system will automatically deduct the fee from the  vehicle owners' Smart Money account or mobile wallet. Here is the code to text:

Park <the number of hours intended to park> <the slot number painted on the sidewalk> <parking fee> to 270. (e.g. Park 2 ABC123 20

How much is the E-Park rate?
The going rate is P10/hr. Sending the code / SMS is free of charge. Vehicles can occupy a parking slot for a minimum of two (2) hours.

With 30 minutes left before reaching the time limit paid for in the parking area, Smart will send an SMS to the vehicle owners, telling them to either vacate the parking slot or send another code to extend the use of the parking space.
While other countries require physical contact with the parking meters just to extend the duration of the occupation of the parking slots, our Smart Money powered e-parking system operates the other way around. It's a text message away. You can even do the time extension while on a date, business meeting or conference perhaps.

As for the monitoring scheme, Wi-Tech’s Rene Tongco said
All parking slots are monitored and metered by a remotely located central parking management server. We have equipped our parking attendants with tablet computers so they can view the details of each parking space. They can see the exact time a vehicle occupies a slot, if the vehicle owner has already paid or not, and if the time has expired
This high-tech system runs on Smart’s powerful network. Wi-Tech chose Smart as our network and payment platform because we are confident that Smart’s system is stable, reliable, and mature
What if a vehicle owner has no Smart Money account?
 Just pay in cash, like a minimum of P3 to P5, to the nearest e-loading outlets in the area to transact your e-parking payment. Better yet, apply for your own Smart Money account through:

This is one of the systems that I've been hoping for in the metro. Though we got the perfect showcase of example of a mobile computing system like the one we saw from MMDA, their traffic navigator for Android, iPhone and Blackberry, more e-systems are really a must in our fast-growing urban centers. Space and time are becoming scarce day by day and so, mobile systems and applications are the way to go.

I just hope that we get further boost in this realm of computing systems. I would also like to see e-payments enabled in our mall parking areas, airports, parks and of course expressways. In so doing, a motorist does not have to stop, just to execute the toll payment process.
An ETC sample card of Mitsui Sumitomo, Japan - for reloading electronic toll collection funds
Great hopes for Mega Manila. Let's have more systems like these!

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  1. This is an interesting development. I just could imagine the day when everything goes mobile including maybe cab payments, MRT rides, etc.

  2. If only smart money is so versatile I let go two cards of mine since this is not applicable to me I don't have a car

  3. Would you know who invented this system? Are they Filipinos? It has been a long-standing dream of mine to have Filipino developers and inventors featured in my website Special Education Philippines.

    You see children with special needs include gifted people and the people behind this e-parking has used their gifts to simplify the system.

  4. Wow, kudos to Smart for this innovation. Paying tickets has always been a hassle. Now if they can implement something similar for our toll gates.. :)

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  8. this is more convenient for all... it just sad that we are starting to pay for almost everything, no more free things. Yahweh bless.

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  10. This is such a nice endeavor. I just hope other networks will offer the same thing so that it will be easier for us to park anytime. I likewise hope that the location of the e-parking service will be expanded. :)

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