DTI Seized Uncertified / Fake Motorcycle Helmets in Laguna

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DTI Seized Uncertified / Fake Motorcycle Helmets in Laguna -- The Department of Trade and Industry should be commended for this deed! Although this is just a portion of the gargantuan task involving the full implementation of motorcycle helmet law in the Philippines, this event should be taken as the best foot forwarded towards the realization of a safer motorcycling country. Everything should take off from road safety and security.

The seizure of the said "uncertified" motorcycle helmets in Santa Rosa, Laguna happened on Wednesday. It was part of the:
..DTI’s intensified campaign against the sale of protective motorcycle headgear that do not have import commodity clearance stickers.
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The DTI Standards Enforcement team in Calabarzon said that at least three (3) stores in Laguna were found selling fake helmets. The items are non-compliant with DTI’s Department Administrative Order No. 2, Series of 2007 (DAO 2:2007) in the cities of Sta. Rosa, Biñan and Calamba. The helmets found bear no ICC stickers - an import commodity clearance identification that is required by the law before such safety gears can be sold to the public.

This is just alarming. The report said  that a lot of motorcycle helmet vendors have been misinforming their buyers by saying they can apply for ICC stickers after buying the item. On the other side of that, of course there are unauthorized individuals selling the ICC stickers for the price of P100 to P200 per piece. Sad thing is, there is no clear identification if the stickers are really authentic or taken from other products.

Intensifying this kind of inspection team mobilization is the key. If this will be done simultaneously or at least, aggressively in the whole of Metro Manila and its adjoining provinces, those deceptive sellers will think twice to engage themselves in the practice again. But then again, this should come with utmost will and determination to solve the problem. If this move will be done just to create an initial good impression for the masses, then the vision is just blatantly futile. There has to be consistency. On an equally important note, the government's take on the law breaking law enforcers on the road should also be clarified and re-oriented time to time.
These guys killed it! No ICC needed (istorya.net)
Beware! sellers of fake motorcycle helmets! The fine for this kind of violation ranges from P17,500 to P300,000 followed by the destruction of the seized items as per indicated in DAO 02:2007.

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  1. This is truly very alarming. Fake helmets has poor quality. This can grow the chance of being physically damage when an accident occurs.