Urban Issues Raised in Inquirer's Citizens' Call (Online); Jan to June 2012

Urban Issues Raised in Inquirer's Citizens' Call (Online); Jan to June 2012 -- Looking at the online compilation of urban transport related issues in Inquirer.net's Citizens' Call, from January to June this year, we can see the following items sent by various concerned individuals.
Enforcer preys on drivers
- a report about a certain traffic enforcer extorting money from jeepney drivers at 15th Avenue corner Aurora Boulevard.

Squatters take over road
- an issue about informal settlers occupying private lots in Garville Subdivision, Sun Valley, Parañaque City. Despite ejection by landowners, the settlers still persisted to build new houses inside the subdivision.

Rampant extortion at Manila intersection
- concerning traffic at Recto corner J. Abad Santos Avenue and Juan Luna Street near Plaza Lorenzo Ruiz that is getting worse day by day alongside rampant “kotong” (extortion).

Heavy traffic due to illegal vendors
- vendors openly taking over both lanes of the road in Gabbys, Mandaluyong City, thereby creating heavy traffic during morning peak hour.

Policemen own ‘colorum’ vehicles
- existence of “colorum” FX taxis in Parañaque City, wearing green plates and are mostly driven policemen.

Jeepney drivers need a bath
- issue on the enforcement of the uniform and hygiene policies for jeepney drivers. Most of them are wearing "undershirts and shorts" and don't seem to take a bath regularly.

Overcharging tricycle drivers
- overcharging tricycle drivers in BF Las Piñas.

Diggings every 6 months in the same areas
- some portions of Quirino Highway going to Caloocan City experience repairs almost every six months.

No easy ride on 8th Street
- concerns the potholes on 8th Street from Edsa to C-3. Bernard, Caloocan City.

Is your area affected by one or two of the above-mentioned issues? Has there been any solutions made or maybe a preliminary investigation at least? Let's hope that these concerns get immediate attention and would not extend to reign across the remaining months of 2012.

Photo: Andy Enero
Source: Inquirer.net


  1. Wow! well,, what cxa we do with these Filipino habits? but not all tho, sometimes you also have to understand them. For example "Jeepney drivers need a bath". They don't have airconditioned jeepneys and it's summer with raging heat, combined with smokebelching vehicles and mixed with sweat the "whole day" and what will you get? Even if you took a bath in the morning, come after lunch, you will smell the same.

    but ofcourse there are people who have bad hygiene.

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  2. squatters take over road- the street under the connecting bridge from lrt line 1(d.jose) to lrt line 2(recto) is one example. The street is like the children's playground every day and night.

  3. It's good that they are able to raise these issues and now the more important part, how to deal with it.

  4. Oh my! I am affected by more than two of the above-mentioned issues. I live in Caloocan and every time we travel whether using our own car or commute, we encounter this issues. It's a call for citizen's discipline act.

    -Mommy Jem ofExperience of a Super Mommy

  5. I hope those issues will be address properly.

  6. The entire Manila has been taken over by squatters like a typhoon. LOL. By a Cebuano viewpoint, I'd say you need to start changing your mentality there up north. Strive to not join the constant rallies of the leftist movement who have been proven bums over the course of time. I'm no govt ass-kisser, but I think the opposition parties in the capital are ever increasing. Tell them (if you're not one of them) to get a grip and get a life. I don't like reading this negativity at all, who does? Just my 2 cents.

  7. The biggest problem of Metro Manila are the squatters. I know I may be generalizing, but I would say they are the main sources of pollution and crime in the city. The politicians who coddle them are more to blame!

  8. tumpak na tumpak ang post na to:) In fairness sa MMDA - sa amin sa Muntinlupa laki na ng improvement... lets wait en see-- sabi nga inu unti unti lang yan:)

  9. I hope all the issues will be resolved in due time. Great thing they are reported so others could be warned