The Metro Manila GreenPrint 2030

What is the Metro Manila GreenPrint 2030?  The Metro Manila GreenPrint 2030 is a "two-decade development and spatial structural plan-in-the-making" which focuses on three (3) core things:
  1. Improvement of the QUALITY OF LIFE of Metro Manila residents;
  2. Making Metro Manila COMPETITIVE in the eyes of the world; and 
  3. Making every strategy, plans and programs behind the goal GREEN and SUSTAINABLE
This is perhaps one of the grand projects undertaken for the National Capital Region (NCR) that is geared towards sustainability in many aspects such as environment, transport, energy and the like.

Given the robust growth of the metropolis, with its estimated 11.85 million population living in its 16 cities and 1 municipality, the initiative of staging a green movement is more than perfect when it comes to timing. Well, this should have been thought of, many years ago. But as what the famous saying has it, "better late than never".
With the continuous influx of people into the country's capital in search of better opportunities, the unpalatable state of the metro today is not far away from getting worse. It is just imperative to deal with the issues as soon as possible.

The Metro Manila GreenPrint 2030 runs with the hope of creating a different twist to the story by making the metro more competitive and livable for the later generations. It is being spearheaded by the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) with utmost support from the city mayors, National Govt Agencies, Private Sector, Academe and Civic Society & People's Organizations.

If you visit  Metro Manila GreenPrint 2030's website and Facebook page, you would see the enthusiasm being shown by the MMDA. They have been conducting series of meetings with the metro's city mayors, DENR, NEDA and DTI, including the Subdivision and Housing Developers Association Inc. or SHDA among many others, to showcase the noble initiative. I'm sure, more of this activity will be conducted constantly while the project is being undertaken.
Let's hope and work for better metropolis and urban centers! Should you wish to be involved with the realization of Metro Manila GreenPrint 2030, you may do so initially, by engaging yourself online via social media. Follow Metro Manila Green Print's Twitter updates or be a fan of its Facebook page.

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You may download the Metro Manila Greenprint 2030 – Draft Starter Vision, made on May 25, 2012

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