DTI Blacklists 14 Freight Forwarders

14 Freight Forwarders Blacklisted by the DTI -- Your loved ones doing the labor abroad with their tears, blood and sweat could be sending you huge packages for the coming Christmas season but beware of these freight forwarding companies who made it to the Department of Trade and Industry's blacklist due failure to deliver goods.
wrj cargo forwarders
Recent data showed that a lot of cargo boxes were held at the Customs Bureau due to customs issues. Had these freight companies made themselves clear and followed the rules and regulations like paying proper dues and such, those precious Balikbayan boxes could have reached their supposed recipients.

The DTI received about 500 complaints of non-delivery of goods within the period of January to September this year. That's alarming to highest level.

Without further ado, here are the 14 Freight Forwarders Blacklisted by the DTI:

United Arab Emirates
  1. Al Rodah Marine Cargo
  2. Cityline Cargo
  3. Dagupan Cargo Packaging Services
  4. Smooth Express
  5. Express Link Cargo Services
United States of America
  1. Associated Consolidation Express
  2. Alas Cargo
  3. AAA Cargo Express Inc.
  4. Shipping Express in Chicago
  5. ABS-CBN Star cargo
Saudi Arabia
  1. RJM Freight Cargo Forwarders
  2. WRJ Freight Forwarders
  1. SCRL Cargo
  2. Maharlika Enterprise Cargo Services
Based on the news, it is recommended that those who experienced failure of goods delivery should file a formal complaint to the cargo companies and the DTI. Here's to report similar cases:
  • Call the DTI Hotline: 751-3330 or 
  • The Philippine Shippers Bureau: 751-3304

Source: http://www.gmanetwork.com


  1. Anonymous10/03/2012

    mkukuha b kya un mga items s custom kc isa rin ako ngpadala =(

  2. My mom had a real bad experience with a forwarder last year.