53 New Trains for MRT 3 to Ease Commuter Volume, Project Approved!

Outgoing DOTC secretary Mar Roxas revealed on Monday via an interview on GMA Network's "News to Go" program that the plight of the overcrowding MRT passengers will soon be over with the coming of the additional trains. The NEDA recently approved P8.6 billion MRT-3 Capacity Extension Project will be addressing the said overcapacity issue. With this project, there will be "52 light rail vehicles" to be added to the existing system.

Secretary Roxas mentioned that passengers figure of more or less 500,000 traveling daily, sacked into a rail system that is designed to cover an estimated 350,000 daily passengers will soon be solved.
Kita naman natin punong-puno, siksikan na parang sardinas ang mga kababayan natin diyan. Pumapatak na kasi about 500,000 people a day ang gumagamit ng Line 3. Ang original design component niyan ay na sa 350,000 lamang
The MRT-3 Capacity Extension Project is hoped to add transit capacity  by 33 percent, Roxas added. In relation to this, there will be a fare adjustment to occur in January 2013 due to DOTC's reduction of subsidy cost this year. The move was carried as per Pres. Aquino's instruction to adjust the department's spending program. The rest of the budget will be spent for suburb projects.

However, Roxas assured that the fare subsidy will be staying.
Hindi matatanggal ang subsidy, mababawasan lamang. Nang sa ganoon kung ano man ang mga savings, magagastos ito sa mga proyekto para sa kanayunan
Sinasabi nila lahat ng pera na yan hindi nagagastos sa mga pangangailangan din sa countryside. Lahat naman ng tao nagbabayad ng buwis, bakit naman ang metro manila lang ang nakikinabang? So binawasan nila yung subsidy. Maaadjust na ito by next year
My take:
This is definitely a positive move from the viewpoint of reactive urban planning but there's more to it. You see, I seldom use the train system due to proximity set up of my residence but at the least, I get to ride it once a month. I do look for so many things to aid in my travel segments.

Perhaps, along with the move to add more trains is the improvement of the existing system in the realm of functionality. At the train stations, dynamic display screens to show train itinerary or state, such as estimated time of arrival (ETA) or departure (ETD) of the coming and stationed train shall be provided.
Appropriate signs shall also be placed to guide the train passengers. Proper scheduling of the trains is an equally important factor to consider. Inside the train cars, LED indicators can be a very good addition to identify which station a train is presently on. This will greatly help specially during a jam-pack situation where you can barely look out through the window to read the station sign boards.

My last mention, at least for now, would be on the part of the commuters; discipline maybe an overused term but if we really want an effective train system, human cooperation is the other side of the coin. Observe a train station in Metro Manila - look how people tend to fall in line while waiting for the train. Comes the vehicle, they still rush inside like herded sheep coming and zipping through from different directions. It all defeats the purpose in the real sense. It is not bad to rush but please be organized.

I think all of the above are some of the necessary things to ponder upon if we want seamless mass transportation in the metro.

How about you, any thoughts on our mass transit systems?

Note: NEDA also approved the P9.7 billion LRT-2 East Extension Project
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Source: http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/


  1. This is a good development but I hope they can have more MRT lines since the current one only has a few lines. If we can have more lines with more specific locations and that would really unload the streets from nagging traffic.

  2. This is good. We need more developments like this. Sana mapalitan ng mas maluwag na train kagaya ng LRT 2 ang MRT3.

  3. This surely will help ease congestion in MRT and there will be more trips to accommodate all the commuters =)

  4. This trains will surely be a big help for thousands of MRT commuters. I am just curious about the Jan 2013 fare, will it be accepted by the riding public?

  5. This is a start of a good development. Grabe siksikan talaga sa MRT kahit hindi rush hour!

  6. when i see trains like this and the siksikan, it reminds me of our trip in NYC two months ago. grabeh talaga traffic sa mga metro cities nu.

  7. it's about time because everyday even on non-peak hours, there's a lot of people lining up.

  8. this should had been done long time before ... politicians are so busy campaigning for themselves instead of making sense in public service ...

  9. Grabe, I remember the times that I had to take the MRT during rush hours. I had to wake up very early just not to hit the congested queue at Cubao

  10. I've never been to the MRT but from the news I see on TV, you are absolutely right on the need to improve existing systems and if possible to impose discipline.

  11. This is good news. Perhaps this will motivate other people to use more of our public transportation.

  12. I hope we can have something like this in Davao.

  13. Although I only get to ride the MRT at least 4x every month.. I am truly glad to be hearing this news as most of my family members use the MRT to go to work. My boyfriend who goes to work at 7am, already finds it hard to line up at the North Ave station just at 5:30 am. By 6 am, you'll have to start bearing the jampacked line of people.. So this update is surely a big lift off of my family's shoulders, should it push through. I'm really hoping it would (since Mar Roxas will be spearheading this project), along with its other new developments. :)

  14. my thoughts, putting up a system to traffic commuters:

    1) The MRT Pasay/Taft Station is a total chaos during rush hours, how come that the most congested areas, government have not address decongesting those areas - Cubao and Pasay/Taft station.

    2) Government should decentralize selling of tickets - if they can't hold the volume of people buying esp. during rush hours - imagine just lining up takes you 15-20 mins at peak hours and another 15-20 mins lining up to get to the platform and another 15-30 mins to get inside the train - imagine how many minutes/hours wasted on a rush and peak hours?

    3) invest in metal detectors so we don't get poked by irritating security guards - what can a drumstick do anyway with the lax security check they are doing.

    4) have malls provide spaces for security check for passengers to queue so they do not congest ticket bootd and entrance areas.

    Grabe, they will increase the ticket and they do not even put up such conveniences to passengers. How much are they earning and can't even provide basic facility as a convenient transport, really makes me angry!

    add to that - walang mga tubig at comfort rooms, walang mga airconditioning kahit fans man lang especially sa stations underground, napakahumid minsan and so you are soaked in perspiration by the time you get inside a cold coach and at times very poor airconditioning. At bakit walang mga benches sa mga platforms? Sooo poor ang LRT at MRT system - these facilities need to be improved!

  15. This is a good improvement. Even if i wanted to take MRT going to some places, I'd get a cab rather take the MRT because its super congested.

  16. Just thinking aloud, wouldn't more trains mean more usage, which in turn means we're back at square one? The authorities could actually make using the trains an easier exercise for the average commuter simply by having lines and orderly entry/exit enforced. That's it, IMO.

  17. Oh I so miss MRT... even if it is really so inconvenient with the number of passengers are there especially at peak times. i would still prefer it than travelling on the road because of the heavy traffic.

    news of additional trains is great... hopefully it just pushes through so it will be more convenient...

  18. Franc Ramon,
    As far as I can recall, there have been several plans for additional lines but the thing is, materialization takes ages.

    Justin | Hari ng Lakbay,
    Let's hope for a better system in the future.

    ricky bernardino,
    At some point, yes.. but unless our rail system in the country gets better organization and order, congestion is there to stay.

    Fare is another thing for sure. Public consultation and optimum planning must be considered.

    RM Bulseco,
    The system is already stressed out in terms of capacity and service efficiency.

    Mel Cole,
    You are right.

    Chef Jasper,
    Lining up is another factor in our train system performance. People spend too much time in buying their tickets.

    Dennis Dolojan,
    No wonder, some want more spaces where they can affix their names in big print as a pre-campaign.

    Adrian Cuyugan,
    Cubao has been congestion ever since I can remember and it is becoming intense day by day.

    Yes, discipline is a big factor in making the system work.

    Teresa Martinez,
    I hope for that too. We need politicians who actually ride the public transportation systems for better understanding of the things that they make laws for.

    Raine Pal,
    I heard plans for a rail system in Davao but i am not so sure.

    Mai Flores,
    Let's hope for the best. Perhaps staggered work hours would help in decongesting passengers during common peak hours, don't you think?

    Pinoy Chocophile,
    I feel and can relate to your points. Thanks for the extensive elucidation! We should have more of the up to date and working automatic ticket selling machines to reduce the queue of passengers. I also agree on the security thing. Sometimes it's annoying when someone is lurking his sticks inside your bag, only to know that it's done just to comply with the procedure.

    The (dis) comfort rooms and cooling systems are really a mess. Let's hope for the authorities to look into these matters deeply.

    And sometimes the taxi service is even worse.

    You hit the nail there - it's like providing sustenance to a greedy man :) If we can improve ou existing systems, why not? It's way cheaper I'm sure.

    ana karen Banhag,
    With better support facilities and services, you will enjoy more of our mass transit system.

  19. Very nice. Trains are very very beneficial in a lot of ways. Not only they reduce pollution, but these trains also provide very fast services.

    I hope that these will not be only confined in the metro, though.. Some provinces are ready for trains! :D

  20. Great job Secretary Roxas. I just hope this will really resolve the traffic issue and all commuter problems.

  21. I am from the country side and personally, I don't benefit much from MRT. I hope there are other projects focused on people living in provinces. Additional MRT is okay, sana umaandar lahat ng maayos.

  22. I'm sure these will ease up the traffic and more commuters will definitely benefit from these projects when accomplished.

  23. thai is good, we need more train ,people are usig this as a primary transportatino. it is faster and safe.

  24. This is great news for commuters, since it will ease up the number of passengers per train.

  25. That's great news! I wish we'd have transport system like SG. We should put more mrl lines instead of constructing skyways!

  26. This is indeed good news! I wonder how long before they completely have all 52 (or is it 53? the title and the one mentioned inline of the body is different).

    I'm suprised a few weeks ago, riding MRT from Cubao. People are lined up in two's. :3

  27. I hope it can help out to ease the pain of having to travel and commute from and to work/school. I hope it can benefit lots of Filipinos.

  28. I hope the increase in fare for 2012 would be justified with better service give that I ride the MRT to work almost single day.