Quirino Highway Bayan Bound Traffic

Quirino Highway Bayan Bound Traffic -- It is not everyday that I get the chance to take snaps of the very interesting road and traffic flow conditions of the thoroughfares near my place, but whenever I get the bright opportunity, I grab it right away. In fact, the following photos were taken while I was trying to check out some apartments for possible relocation.

This place is the first market that you can see if you are coming from the rotunda above the C5 extension / underpass going to NLEX. I was actually intrigued by the long line of concrete barriers being place in the middle of the already crowded avenue. It could be due to the footbridge being installed at the nearby intersection.

This section of Quirino Highway is basically a 4-lanes road with supposedly, shoulders on both sides. But obviously in the photo, these are being used by the sidewalk vendors, together with the walking pedestrians - thus, also serving as sidewalks.

This portion of the highway is of course, congested in most parts of the day. Travel speed is poor - that is, almost a stop and go situation.


1-- A lot of roadside clearing is required in the first place. Mobility will be best rendered if the roadside vendors will be moved to proper locations. The same thing with the illegal roadside parking vehicles, which you can see at the top part of the photo.

2-- Second is the provision of the required spaces for the walking pedestrians. Without the roadside walkways, pedestrians will be most likely to walk on the road lanes, thus exposing them to accidents. While the on-going construction of a footbridge nearby maybe a good call, pedestrians religious adherence to the existing road rules and regulations is a golden key.

3-- The photo above is the footbridge I am referring in the 2nd point item. Notice the handrails? The electric cables are touching them. It poses dangers to the crossing pedestrians. There has to be safety measures employed in this accident prone part of the facility.

The space under the stairs on both sides of the road is full of vendors of various types of products. This adds to the already complicated mix of vehicles and pedestrians in the area.

4-- The road signs and markings in this road section are actually not followed, even though traffic enforcers are present. Tow away zones and no parking signs are rampantly ignored. Maybe next time, I should take photos of the illegal parking road use happening in the area.

5-- Basically, all types of vehicles ply this route, so if you are planning to traverse this stretch of Quirino Highway, be warned of the moderate to heavy traffic flow.

I need not to mention about the illegal loading and unloading characteristics of this particular area. As we may know, the practice happens in almost all of the road networks of the Metro.

Also, beware of the tricycles going in and out of the intersection located at the right side (Bayan bound) of the road. They are among the vehicles clogging the wet market's narrow street. Usually, small to medium size delivery vehicles park on the road to load and unload their market goods.

Do you frequent this area too? Do you use this certain highway daily or at least once a week? What are your observations?

In any case, don't forget to optimize your travel experience, as much as possible. If you got the access to mobile networks, like a cellular phone with GPS and Internet capabilities, you can just try to download MMDA's traffic navigator app for both iOS and Android to get updated with the road traffic conditions in Metro Manila.


  1. Anonymous9/03/2012

    Those concrete barriers were installed recently, guesstimate about 2-3 months, but you can see that they are already falling apart because of cheap construction materials used. But they are helping in the traffic situation of the highway since jeeps can't counter flow anymore (and yes, other private vehicles too!).

    The rotunda on mindanao-quirino also adds to the traffic. This is just poor city planning.

    Lastly, this may just be a dream but maybe they can add more lanes to the highway? To put it simply, too many cars pass thru quirino but the road can't handle the volume: solution is to widen the road add lanes for PUJs/Bus/FX only.

  2. I agree that in some way, the concrete barriers helped in regulating the flow of traffic in the area, though as you indicated, material quality should have been considered. Just yesterday night, a truck rammed into one of the edges of the barriers due to the absence of reflectorized markings.

    Road widening maybe a solution but considering the time it takes to acquire land and right of way in this country, things can be tougher than it may seem. Also, widening the road infra will most likely invite more vehicles, thus traffic congestion. Perhaps at the short term, mitigation measures will be enough for the time being. But then again, implementation is another issue.

    Thanks for your inputs!

  3. Anonymous9/12/2012

    From my internet search regarding the traffic in Quirino, in an article published last April 16, 2012: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/177705/qc-mayor-wants-quirino-mindanao-rotunda-removed regarding the rotunda on Mindanao-Quirino, District Center head Tadeo Palma said: “If after resumption of classes, the rotunda will worsen the flow of traffic in the area, the city government will have to insist that the rotunda be removed.”

    Its now September. Nothing's changed. There is always a traffic jam in that area. And this is just the entrance to Quirino Highway!

    I work in Manila and I either take the A.Boni route to Quirino or Mindanao Ave. via West Ave. or Roosevlet. It is pure agony just to go home.

    Additionally, re: footbridges - from quirino-mindanao to sm novaliches I count only 2 bridges including the one you mentioned. Pedestrians then have to cross the streets zigzagging against oncoming vehicles and squeeze thru the barriers. There needs to be more bridges at strategic areas but they need to be really thought out bridges with adequate lighting, roof, and a kagawad or two securing the area.

    There is a bit of hope tho but its still far into the future and may not even happen. According to wikipilipinas: http://en.wikipilipinas.org/index.php?title=Manila_Light_Rail_Transit_System there is a plan for an MRT 4 and MRT 7 which will pass Novaliches. I'm just not sure which of the two will pass Quirino or if they will even pass it.