SideCar: Toronto's Ride Sharing App - Download for Android and iOS

This maybe categorized as one of the potential futures of Philippine mobility campaign, but who knows, we still got the ticket to get there. We are a nation of tech and gadgetry and we do love Apps for our precious mobile phones, don't we? Though, at the moment, having this ride-sharing App is still at the brink of realization, prior to making our own ride-sharing program work in the real sense. Nevertheless, let me share to you this awesome Android and iOS App for ride-sharing that I stumbled upon the web few days ago.

If you are in Toronto, you have the chance to enjoy this Android and iOS App for ride-sharing, also known as carpooling - "SideCar". It is one of Canada's mobile applications wherein, a passenger or commuter can search for potential drivers within the area.
SideCar, an on-demand ride-sharing app, lets users request a ride by indicating where they would like to be picked up and dropped off. The app matches them with nearby drivers -- prescreened by the company -- who are willing to give rides.
Said Blake Wirht, director of marketing for San Francisco-based SideCar:
We’re trying to set up a situation where people share the burden of transportation with each other
With SideCar, you can request for a ride that nearby drivers may opt to respond to. As a passenger, you may compensate the driver via the App, based on a suggested fare, which is always way lower than a taxi fare rate. But then again, compensating is completely voluntary.


What a fantastic way of saving on your trip cost, including possible parking fees while at the same time, you also contribute in the reduction of traffic on the roads and carbon dioxide emissions. Aside from reducing the mileage on your car, you also do the noble act of conserving non-renewable resources like oil. In ride sharing, you also get to relax while someone drives to get to your destination. It is guaranteed less stressful than sitting in a traffic jam alone.

In Metro Manila or maybe some other regions of the country, one major issue would be security. Ride-sharing or carpooling means meeting and offering ride to strangers on the road. Hence, with SideCar in Canada, in order to be approved as a driver, one must undergo a process of registration. There has to be proper examination and background check on the part the applying party. Moreover, the approved units for ride-sharing in Toronto are tracked via GPS.

Do you think ride-sharing or carpooling is doable in the Philippines? What do you think will be the major issues and concerns in the realm of operation, security and sustainability? Fire away with your thoughts, comments or views!

For the curious minds, specially those within Canada, you can download SideCar Ride-sharing App for Android or iOS here.

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  1. this is awesom,e I wish this will available also in our country

  2. This is a good app especially those people who loves to commute. Good for those who dont have a car

  3. Sounds very promising, but at the same time, it is scary. Even with the background info, you can never be 100% sure about those being advertised here. Personally, I'd much rather carpool with officemates or friends. It's much safer.

  4. great application - easy access for side cars within the vicinity very useful especially for tourists and locals as well

  5. here in the phils? im not sure if its applicable here. i remember a news about an fx victimizing all passengers of their valuables :( sad.

  6. Hubby said there is ride- sharing in Ayala going inside BGC. The usual fare is P50 and if it's a taxi cab, you need to share it with 4 other people. There are also motorcycles, FX type taxis and even private vehicles offering this.

    Pretty scary but my husband said if you wait for the bus, you're gonna be late for work. Besides, most passengers are office workers.. But then, i told him it's still scary..

  7. Chrisair,
    There are some local initiatives, but definitely, they need some legal coverage. Kind of informal in nature, but hopefully our government will realize its vital importance in dealing with Metro Manila's deteriorating traffic condition.

    Definitely, it is a great tool.

    Yes, it is dangerous, specially in our case here in the metro, so security must be taken with great concern. Carpooling with people you know is of course preferrable.

    Line government agencies will also benefit from this kind of technology, more importantly in carrying out their task of mitigating traffic issues and concerns.

    That is sad to know. Security concern is really pressing and a deterrent in implementing great transport measures.

    That is one good news for sure. I hope that they get noticed by the local government unit in that city for added security. I think the city mayor should be informed about such kind of intiative.