MMDA Rerouting Scheme Map for SONA 2012 | Alternate Routes

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) released on Tuesday the rerouting scheme for Metro Manila in relation to President Benigno Aquino's 3rd State of the Nation Address or SONA on Monday, July 23. The map below shows the alternate routes for public and private vehicles that will be plying the affected roads on the said date.

MMDA Rerouting Scheme Map for PNOY SONA 2012

It could have been clearer if the illustration was published in colored format but so far, the image above is all we can get online. Here is a clearer map of the Batasan Pambansa, along Constitution Hills. Please guide yourself accordingly.

Alternate Route for Public Utility Vehicles (PUVs):
Along Commonwealth Avenue counter flow traffic at least four lanes per direction will be implemented starting from Superstar KTV u-turn slot up to San Simon u-turn slot.
Alternate Route for  Private Vehicles:
  1. From Commonwealth - Fairview
  2. Right turn to Regalado
  3. Right turn to Dahlia
  4. Left turn to Chestnut
  5. Right turn to Old Sauyo Road
  6. Left turn to Mindanao Avenue
  7. Right turn to EDSA
  8. From EDSA - Congressional
  9. Right turn to Congressional
  10. Left turn to Mindanao Avenue
  11. Right turn to Old Sauyo Road
  12. Left turn to Chestnut
  13. Right turn to Dahlia
  14. Left turn to Regalado
  15. Left turn / right turn to Commonwealth
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