DOTC Sec. Mar Roxas Holds Revival of Pantranco Franchises

Manila, Philippines -- Friday brought us a tap on the shoulder when The Urban Walker mentioned that the revival of some 489 bus franchises belonging to Pantranco North Expresses Inc. is kind of hasty and unorganized in the real sense. Finally, DOTC Secretary Mar Roxas holds the revival of the said Pantranco franchises in a bid to conduct a thorough review of the LTFRB decision.

Roxas's move is backed by Sections 1 and 3, Rule 19 of the 2011 Revised Rules of Practice and Procedure of the LTFRB, stating that the DOTC Secretary has the power to reviewmotu propio’ (of his own initiative) and thereby issue an order relative to the "execution of the decision of the LTFRB". The DOTC's legal team will be working on investigating the policy of the government regarding selling of franchises to 3rd party entities. Roxas further said:
It’s not right for the certificate of public conveyance in the land transportation sector to be transferred arbitrarily without the consent of its rightful owner which is the State
mar-roxas-dotc-secretaryThis will be an additional workload to both the DOTC and LTFRB, which could have been prevented if proper deliberation has been made. We don't know what really happened along the way but as per reaction of the DOTC secretary, it appears that no clear consultation has been made.

DOTC - Department of Transportation and Communications
LTFRB - Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board



  1. This is clearly not advisable; matters of transportation should always be given utmost care and concern.

  2. Pantranco is one of the oldest and pioneer bus companies, in my opinion it is just right to make a proper deliberation before putting it into bids

  3. Never heard of this news lately.. Meron din palang Pantranco, ang alam ko lang is yung Philtranco :D

  4. ooh akala ko wala na to... meron pa pala...
    sana maayos yung pag bids nito...
    isa pa naman to sa mga oldest transpo..

  5. I do hope the bids get screened thoroughly. Speaking of, the old Pantranco terminal is just near our house. Now, the land where the old terminal stood is now being prepared for a new mall. :/

  6. Before they even consider adding more buses on the roads, perhaps they should first do something about the attitude of the bus drivers while driving.

  7. The roads are already congested by bus at present that's why we get bus drivings rushing against other bus drivings for passengers because we have too many buses already. They should not add additional buses further.

  8. The matters of traffic congestion and lack of public transportation seems to be two conflicting issues in my mind. Whatever happens to this Pantranco issue, the authorities should always consider what will be best for the public.

  9. Anonymous7/19/2012

    michelle cruz-yes thats unfair if you just revive without reviewing about this transportation. Why dont you see first those who applied for frnchise how many years ago? the papers are still there in your office and no actions made. poor transportation in some other province like banaue ifugao, its a tourist spot but the riding public is not good, its very untidy, its not comfortable for passengers. Why dont you open franchise for those buses who wants to operate there, Are not these selfish attitudes? hope you should come up with a good result.