Motorcycle Helmet Rule Full Implementation, Extended

philippine-helmet-law The Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) issued an order to the Land Transportation Office (LTO), to temporarily suspend the full implementation of the Motorcycle Helmet Act of 2009.

The order was, as per Department of Trade and Industry's (DTI) request for the DOTC to complete its nationwide helmet use inspection. The DTI wanted to make sure that all helmets coming into the Philippines bear the Seal of Import Clearance from the Bureau of Products Standard.

The DOTC is thereby given six (6) months to complete the nationwide helmet law compliance inspection. DOTC Secretary Mar Roxas said:
We want to ensure the orderly implementation of the Helmet Law with the safety of the riding public as our foremost objective..
So from August 1, the LTO enforcers will be issuing reminders to motorcycle drivers regarding helmet law full implementation. No citation tickets will be issued to the apprehended motorcyclists. While at that, the LTO will be running an extensive public information campaign.

Then from January 1, 2013, bike riders caught without helmets bearing both the PS and ICC seals will be penalized according to the fines stipulated in the Helmet Act of 2009.

This safety issue and concern is not new, since many years ago, back in my motorcycling days, a huge group of motorcycle riding individuals in the country has been urging lead government agencies to take firm actions against the sub-standard helmets being sold in the local markets. But until now, things are seemingly the same. While mass-produced low-quality helmets happily roam around the metro for the motorists consumption, poor enforcement and implementation of the helmet law aggravates the issue furthermore. In many cases, the enforcers themselves are caught as the rampant violators, in broad daylight.
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How can you expect a "full implementation" of the helmet law if you see this kind of shameful representation of authority?

Those seals of standards and clearances can be too good to be authentic, sad to say. With the widespread practice of tampering and falsifications in this country, a lot of fake helmets with fabricated stickers and marks may sprout like mushrooms, right before the very eyes of the law enforcers.

But then again, this is absolutely not the precious time to point fingers. Just saying.

Seriously, the government should secure a strong grab and sharp bite on this malady. Everyone must step up to address this matter. Gear up and roll for the "Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020".

We've been through this kind of suspension and delay drama, which is sometimes morphing into a delaying tactic. Time to step up big time, don't you agree?

  1. PS - Philippine Standard (PS) Quality Certification Mark License Scheme and
  2. ICC - Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) Scheme
Just in case you are curious, you may read more about DTI product standards here.



  1. While the sentiment of the law is commendable, how it will be implemented is another thing. They cannot even catch people riding bikes without helmets. What more inspecting each and every helmet! Discipline should really begin with each individual, but unfortunately, it is not always the case here.

  2. Anonymous7/31/2012

    We have too many of these lawbreakers here in Cebu, but it seems most get away with it. If two are on a bike, both should wear it. It doesnt make sense.

  3. tsk tsk... enforcers on bikes w/o helmets? yaiks!

  4. let's just hope that it would be fully and strictly implemented. And authorities are no exception!

  5. I just wish that they can really implement such law. As we know as the photos shows even those authorities are not complying. Oh well such life. Let us just hope for the best on this law, it's for our own safety.

  6. This brought already a lot of hysteria since Pinoys are generally resistant but this would be for general safety so gear up now motorists.

  7. With a lot of motor-related accidents in our country, I hope people will not think twice to obey the law.

    I remember one day in the news it was mentioned that they kind of want the plate number of motorcycles to be also printed on the helmet :3

  8. This law do have flaws. From the planning up to the implementation. The authorities do also have to practice what they preach.

  9. Good thing this will be in full blast now. But, the question is, would the helmets protect the riders at all times? There also be some law with regards to helmet quality standards.

  10. Anonymous8/26/2012

    pagpapakita lang na di nila makontrol ang helmets stores kaya ang riders ang naisip nilang gamitin para nga naman may magawa sila....tignan natin pag di pang one day old lang ang batas na una lang naman magaling ang batas e..di kasi nila kaya ang MAY KAYA kaya ang mga WALANG KAYA ang KINAKAYA....PWEEE...NAKAKAHIYA KAYO!