Buko Maxx Healthy Shakes, Anyone?

Buk Maxx Franchise, Buko Maxx Healthy Shakes -- Part of our daily takes on urban life is appreciating and perhaps, featuring great foods that we come across in our daily trips in the city core. So today, we are going to see one great find drink sensation in one of the malls in Quezon City - SM North EDSA. While, this is our very first entry pertaining to food, you guys should expect a next in the series, sooner or later.

So, how about some Healthy Buko Shakes in SM North EDSA, anyone? Actually, I found this booth a couple of weeks ago, while on the way to the mall's supermarket. The long line of people queuing by the stall intrigued me so I went closer and tried to see what was going on. There I saw Buko Maxx. The serving comes in a plastic bottle, with the straw inserted right into the perforated cap.
Buko Maxx Healthy Shakes Prices / Sizes:
  • Small - P19.00
  • Medium - P29.00
  • Large - P69.00
Buko Maxx has got 3-sizes servings for you to choose from - Small, Medium and Large. The prices range from P19 to around P70. As an excellent enhancement, you may also opt to put in some additional toppings for your shake. So far, Buko Maxx got Pear, Nata de Coco, Fresh Coco meat and Jelly strings - all for the extra bite to savor.

Buko Maxx Toppings (+P6):
  • Pearl
  • Nata
  • Coco-meat
  • Jelly strings
Buko Maxx Flavors (+P6)
  • Honeydew
  • Strawberry
  • Mango
  • Blueberry
  • Lychee
Aside from the the toppings, Buko Maxx also got additional flavors to offer. These are Honeydew, Strawberry, mango, Blueberry and Lychee.

I asked the people manning the booth for flyers or brochure of some sort but sadly, they do not have any. So I asked them if I can just take some photos of them and the booth for future postings in the web. They gave me a nod and so, we got Buko Maxx Healthy Shakes covered in The Urban Walker today :)

Have a blast while out in the mall, specially in SM North EDSA. Take some refreshing and relieving sips of those deliciously good Buko Maxx Healthy Shakes!

For the note, this is not a sponsored post. I did the initiative to give props to the amazing people behind Buko Maxx Healthy Shakes. And by the way, they are located near the escalator going to the SM cinemas on west wing side.

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  1. Adding Buko Juice into our regular food is very good for the health as it cleanses the system. I always try to have one with every chance I get.

  2. hey I love buko juice! But I have not tried this Buko Maxx. Have not seen one near me anyway If I get a chance will try it.. ;)

  3. hahaha just this afternoon i was gulping down buko shake with my mom despite the cold and rain... i dont know... i just love buko shake! looking forward to trying buko maxx's shakes soon!

  4. Wow, I love buko juice and this is healthy too, it could also help people who have UTI... We don't have that one here but I am sure, franchise will get here for that.

  5. Haha! They have a branch here also in LRT Legarda station. And students are lining up like there's no tomorrow. I haven't tried it yet.. Will try this weekends.

  6. Buko will always be a hands-down favorite drink in our country. Its good that it continues to be reinvented in terms of presentation.

  7. making use of something locally available and mixed it up with those whose "in"... a good business combination. always love a refreshing buko treat. Yahweh bless.

  8. Great to see that our local produce are being marketed in this way. It's quite interesting to try. Personally, I much prefer buko juice au natural: no sugar, no mixings. But it's worth a try. Who knows? This one might actually make me change my mind.

  9. I recently tried this buko maxx and bought the large size. Good thing that there are stalls selling healthy alternative fruit juices.

  10. I wonder if we have that here...I would love to try buko juice in shake form.

  11. There is no Buko Maxx nearby, hope I can see one soon.

  12. Thank you very much THE URBAN WALKER :)for the store locations kindly visit our website www.bukomaxx.com or visit our facebook fanpage Buko Maxx Healthy Shakes!