New Car Side Mirror Removes Dangerous Blind Spot

New Car Side Mirror Removes Dangerous Blind Spot -- For the car savvy out there, this is perhaps one of the upgrades, that is actually basic in the sense, that you have been waiting for. If you have been suffering from maneuvering your car well during parking times or simply wanting that clearer vision of what's behind your car, this thing could be the perfect pick. But of course, it will depend on certain official and legal approval.

You have to give the due credits to mathematics professor Dr. R. Andrew Hicks of Drexel University for creating a curved mirror that can show wider field of the back view, of about 45 degrees compared to the traditional 15 to 17 degrees of view in a flat mirror.
Hicks’s driver’s side mirror has a field of view of about 45 degrees, compared to 15 to 17 degrees of view in a flat driver’s side mirror. Unlike in simple curved mirrors that can squash the perceived shape of objects and make straight lines appear curved, in Hicks’s mirror the visual distortions of shapes and straight lines are barely detectable. (
Dr. Hicks’s curved mirror gives a rather wider field of view of what's behind you, but the objects become smaller and farther. Nevertheless, there is improved functionality and safety.

This can be very useful for starters and long time drivers as well in dealing with the daily commuting chores here in Metro Manila. If approved and legally allowed for mass production or purchase and eventually, installation on Philippine vehicles, life would be much easier. I mean, we should gather all possible sources of safety and security around because we do not have that much of support infrastructures provided in the urban cores and its immediate peripheries. If there are, it will be luck if they are still in their best functional state. Unlike in developed countries or maybe some Asian neighbors, they even got those mirrors installed on the intersections for added visual aid for vehicles trying to merge into a traffic stream or cross a certain intersection. They even got them on almost every car garage exits in the residences.

These are just tools for human consumption. At the end of the day, it is still one's course of judgments that will be assessed upon. Battling Metro Manila's traffic is not an issue that can be resolved by a mere sophisticated and well-researched technology. Things still boil down to drivers/commuters behavior on the road.



  1. Wow this is great, I always have a problem reversing. Yeah it's true no gadget can help the traffic in Manila unless we start the change from the drivers first, we should cure the source but this Mirrors would be a great help.

  2. Very useful invention. But it got me thinking how thieves can make a killing when this goes out to the market! Lakas na naman ng business sa Banawe, QC nito! :))

  3. How do you classify your post? Is this Travel or a sponsored post?

  4. Hi Cha,
    Thank you for asking. I think, to the least, this can be included in "travel" category, though at a very low grade, since it involves thoughts on vehicles, mobility and safety on the road.

  5. Violy,
    true, technology will be useless without self discipline.

  6. AJ,
    natawa ako sa Banawe, QC. Syempre ^^

  7. i read about this in yahoo! i think its cool and it will be very useful for a lot of drivers.

  8. This is something that a lot of drivers could benefit from. I wish they'd legalize it.

  9. I never thought that it's that important. Haha. Probably because I don't drive.

  10. Oh cool. I think this is a very basic discovery but a great help for the safety of everyone. Galing ah!

  11. This should helpful for easier backing and seeing a more complete view from the side mirrors in making turns or shifting lanes.

  12. During my first few years in Brunei, I have no idea about the purpose of those circular mirrors found along the road until I ave noticed that they are commonly placed in the areas were it is difficult see the coming or crossing vehicles like those in curve sections and road intersection.

    Aside from road-safety purposes, this type of mirror is also used in retail stores where CCTV cameras are only few or not available.

  13. This would be a great help to motorists in Metro Manila, but the behavior of the reckless ones would negate the benefits of this innovation.

  14. This is definitely very helpful, especially in avoiding traffic accidents.

  15. Anonymous6/19/2012

    nakakamiss ang pinAs. :(

  16. I think that how side mirrors should be..There should be one wide angle mirror :)

  17. The mirror installations on Philippine vehicles can be highly valuable, as this will help driving to be less prone to accidents. :) And yes, it does still boil down to how people act while on the road.

  18. It may take time for beginning users to get used to looking at a different side mirror .. but if it helps why not? I just hope they don't get side tracked by the full view! lol!

  19. I remember the time I was still having driving lessons, my instructor warned me of "blind spots." This seems to be very useful in eliminating or at least reducing those blind spots.

  20. A lot would benefit from that especially the student drivers!

  21. Sounds like a treat to me especially to vehicle savvy - or car savvy particularly. Lemme go ahead and bookmark this.

  22. Brenna,
    Got this info first hand too, form Yahoo and some articles around. It will be really useful.

    i agree. i hope the government will think about it seriously.

    Legalizing it will take time, for sure :)

    Driving will be easier for you once this invention gets legalized ^^

    Sadly, most of us tend to forget the basic things. This is truly a great improvement on driving convenience and accident prevention.

    You are right. With the kind of motorists that we have in the Metro, this will surely help.

    Safety and security at work :)

    Along with this should be an extensive attitudinal change, would you agree?

    you are right. Thanks for commenting.

    Driving in Japan is a breeze :) at some point, nakaka-miss ang chaotic traffic jam sa pinas.

    I think the same way too.

    That's the thing - technology without proper human cooperation can be useless at the extreme.

    I think the time required to familiarize this mirror will be worth it, based on the benefits that it can bring.

    bye-bye blind spots, once this kind of mirror is operational.

    You are right.

    Watch this out in the Philippine market :)

  23. this is really very beneficial. no more worries of hitting another car while in reverse! Recommended for women who have hard time doing reverse just like me!
    ~OnlineBiz and Resources

  24. very beneficial!
    especially to those who it hard to maneuver their own vehicles.

  25. That's so nice. I hope they fit all car types. But I do agree with you on the fact that it won't solve traffic problems here in the metro. But it would surely help a bit.

  26. Now this is new to me. Is it available here in the Philippines?

  27. Great discovery. I hope this can be manufactured. The functionality and safety make it easier to us.