MMDA vs. Jaywalkers: Use Footbridges and Pedestrian Lanes or Pay P200

MMDA vs. Jaywalkers: Use Footbridges and Pedestrian Lanes or Pay P200. Today, June 4 (Mon) is the start of MMDA's robust move towards jaywalkers in Metro Manila who keep on ignoring designated footbridges and pedestrian lanes. So to those of you who are guilty of this violation, watch out for the "Men in Red" - they are MMDA's anti-jaywalking team.
The team tried to perform an initial early in the morning observation along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City and found out that many jaywalkers still ignore the nearby footbridges and take the risky option of crossing the multi-lanes corridor, specially when no traffic enforcers are there to reprimand.

Monday will be serving as the initial day catching activity and giving of reprimand and reminder to violators regarding the anti-jaywalking drive. On Tuesday, the MMDA "Men in Red" will be issuing citation tickets to violators, who must pay a P200 fine. So you better get ready. Be it known that only the "Men in Red" are authorized to arrest jaywalkers and issue the PVRs, said MMDA chairman Francis Tolentino.

Those who cannot afford to pay for the fine will be given an on-the-spot 15-minute lecture on disaster preparedness (1). While in another online news, it says that violators will be required to undergo a "30-minute seminar on disaster response and assistance to be given by the MMDA." (2). Kind of vague to me but if I got it right, you can just opt not to pay for the fine and get the instant 15-minute lecture? MMDA might want to clarify these things and publish a detailed information on what will really happen along the way.

This anti-jaywalking drive will be implemented first on major corridors with high frequency of accident involving jaywalkers, like Commonwealth Avenue.

Unang isasagawa ang anti-jaywalking campaign sa mga major highway tulad ng Commonwealth Avenue, kung saan marami ang naaksidente. Doon po sa lugar na marami na pong nagkaroon ng sakuna, marami na pong nadisgrasya, doon po ang ating concentration muna. May na identify na po na anim o pitong lugar pero palipat-lipat lang po sila.. Doon po sa heavy traffic kung saan marami na sa ating mga kababayan ang nadisgrasya
The P200 fine for jaywalking violation is a result of a consensus among Metro Manila mayors, composing the Metro Manila Council or MMC, together with the MMDA policy-making arm. The group met last Tuesday and agreed to increase the fine from the present P150 to P200.

This Anti-Jaywalking drive is rooted from a certain MMDA Ordinance No.1 Series of 1995, where it was a part of the procedure to require a violator to "undergo a seminar on the importance of the anti-jaywalking ordinance." It is not clear if the same is still included, aside from the disaster and preparedness seminar.

We already know the existence of this very basic ordinance, but still we seem to have gone into oblivion mode. No one seem to care about it, so this quick-fix or fix the gap move is seemingly the brightest option for MMDA. Many of us know that jaywalking is against the law and of course, dangerous but we still do it.

We all play a big role in this issue. As a pedestrian, be mindful of the law and the potential risks waiting ahead. The government side should see to it that the implementation is consistent and honest. It is a continuing process and issue and should not fall into the typical "ningas cogon" (3) phenomenon.


  1. It's a good ordinance to fine jay walkers but it would be weird having the option of just a 15 minute lecture. I hope they get Miriam Defensor Santiago to do that lecture just to make it a lot more difficult option. =>

  2. it's about time maimplement ang mga rules na ganyan. para din naman sa safety ng lahat e... kukulit lang talga pinoy palagi may rason! lol!

  3. From where I live, we call the traffic enforcers as "yellow ranger" because of the neon yellow color of their uniform :D
    I think its really the time to impose a strict punishment to jaywalkers, in the end, its for all the people's sake.

  4. Franc,
    It is weird indeed. Having that seemingly easy option must be tough with Sen. Miriam :)

  5. Gemma,
    Tama. Sa kakulitan, marami ang sa punerarya ang tuloy. Nakakalungkot na nakakainis.

  6. Em,
    I heard somewhere that they are also called simply as "yellow boys" but anyways ^^. I hope that the implementation will stay consistent. Yun lang naman ang problema. Pag matagal na, parang bale wala na sa tao. Kahit may jaywalker, naka ignore mode lang ang mga enforcers at pati police.

  7. Nakakatawa yang mga signage na yan, dati nakasulat "walang tawirang nakamamatay", pero meron na akong nakita, nakasulat, "may namatay na rito"--but still stubborn parin ang ilang Pinoy. :(

  8. I hope that people cross on the designated areas for their own safety kahit pa mataas ang hagdan. dami rin kasing matigas ang ulo, may sig nan ga ,hindi pa rin pinapansin.

  9. Kung pwede taasan pa ang dapat ang multa para magtanda ang mga Pinoy. 300 jaywalkers ang nahuli on the first day.

  10. Vance,
    Oo nga, at marami na ring humor graphics na ginawa ang mga tao base sa nakamamatay na signage na yan :)

  11. I cant imagine myself attending seminar when Im in a hurry. Will promise to abide street rules. (Well, Makati is a good training grounds LOL)

    Funny signage!!

  12. the fines shld be imposed strictly, that way they will learn the lesson even in the hard way...

  13. i just saw this on the news, ganun na pala talaga ka lala ang mga jay walkers.. haha, I do agree that a 15-minute lecture is a bit weird.. 200 fine or even higher should strictly be impleted para magtanda..

  14. Nakakatamad mag footbridge minsan but it's for our own good naman. And it's exercise na din diba? Hahahhaa!

  15. Rod,
    the venue will be in the field, under the heat of the scorching sun.. 200 na lang? hehe.

    i agree.. i am afraid it might become another source of kotong.

    dapat 1k kaagad, kesa masagasaan, triple ang gastos nila.

    its a free exercise :)