MMDA Boosts Anti-smoking Drive

This has been on for a while now; Nothing seems to have changed, since MMDA's anti-smoking drive got launched in July 2011. If you are a daily commuter or at least, spend most of your times in the crowded metropolis, you would see that smoking individuals in the public places do still enjoy the vice. Sometimes, they stand by your side while puffing peacefully their precious cigars. Most of the times, they just smoke away without even considering you catching the second hand smoke, which is identified as:
..the third leading preventable cause of disability and early death (after active smoking and alcohol) in the United States.
It contains "over 4000 chemicals including more than 40 cancer causing agents and 200 known poisons."

Also, secondhand smoke contains:
..twice as much tar and nicotine per unit volume as does smoke inhaled from a cigarette. It contains 3X as much cancer-causing benzpyrene, 5X as much carbon monoxide, and 50X as much ammonia.. (Mayo Clinic release, Aug 97).
Well, enough of the facts and dose of medical findings! We got here, the Metro Manila Development Authority trying to intensify its drive towards the smoking fellas. Just last week, the agency activated its "mobile smoking cessation clinic" in its headquarters located in the city of Makati. The clinic is made up of a converted bus and will be deployed to areas identified as having the highest number of smoking apprehensions, owing to Republic Act 9211. Those areas include Ortigas and Cubao.

With the bus cum clinic, there are also highly trained nurses and medical personnel to roam around the said places to offer professional assistance and care. If you want to kick the habit out, these professionals are ready to give you counseling and lifestyle modification tips.

Violators caught during the anti-smoking drive will be shown an audio-visual presentation that highlights the dangers of smoking.

This is indeed a very promising endeavor; There is no doubt about it. But the way it is being run, there has to be a stronger grasp of what has to be done in the real sense. I have ranted over this thing several times already and as what I have been trying to say, let's get this thing handled to the fullest.


Take a look at this poster posted at the public transport terminal in SM North Edsa. It's been there for almost over a year now and ever since I took the photo, I never saw any anti-smoking guys deployed in the area or its vicinity. So what can you expect? As usual, a lot of smokers happily roaming around the terminal area, which is public I suppose, since it is where people avail of public transportation service.

I wonder why the change of the penalty, as per indicated in this article? Take note; It's a "20-minute audio-visual presentation". Last year, it was P500 for the first offense, while those who cannot pay shall be required to render an 8-hour community service.

Let's hope and pray hard for this country. Apprehending and citing fines for these people are but a small dose of what we are trying to cure. These are smaller subjects compared to the heavy-smoke emitting buses in EDSA and other major thoroughfares.

As of the moment, there are 5 Metro Manila areas that are running its own "cessation clinics" in support of the no smoking ordinance. These are Pasig, Makati, Parañaque and Marikina City, and Pateros town.

Kudos nonetheless!

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  1. This reminds me of that last jeepney I rode yesterday. The driver was smoking even if have 3 stickers of "NO SMOKING" in front of him... tsk tsk! I wonder how will the MMDA be effective in their campaign. Second-hand smokes are hazardous especially to the kids.

  2. I am a smoker too but I never smoke when it's not allowed to. I always consider people around me. Even in a business meetings I attended to, I never smoke (tho after I do, as soon as they leave, lol).
    I had experienced that too. A guy smoke inside the jeepney, what I did, I faced him and told him to get down from that jeep and continue smoking if he wanted to 'cause not all are smoking. Even reminded him of the violation he committed. hahaha... everyone applauded and the guy stepped out if the jeepney...

  3. I agree secondary smoke is dangerous to your health since unlike smokers they only take in some smoke and vent it out while non smokers just take it in.

  4. Sana nga mapatupad talaga yan, nakakainis kaya makasinghot ng second hand smoke... lalo na pag may kasama ka pang baby, naiinis talaga ako sa mga nagsmoke lalo na sa public places....

  5. Hayy naku how disappointing! I suggest they just put up smoking booths aka chamber of death in public places where smokers can smoke and fully enjoy the nicotine all on their own!

  6. Tristan,
    Those stickers are there for the sake of having a sticker and nothing more. How sad..

    That was brave. I wanted to do that everytime I encounter the same scenario but I always end up avoiding. Maybe I should try getting at it one time :)

    Quite a disparity, right? hehe

    oo nga, minsan wala talagang silang konsiderasyon sa mga nakapaligid sa kanila. Maninira na nga lang ng sariling baga, mandadamay pa.

    O kaya, puro hithit na lang, walang buga. Ayos yun.

  7. Well , I support MMDA for coming up with anti smoking campaign . I am also glad local government unit are backing up with this drive. With all of these campaigns there are still some people that are seriously not following the rules of not smoking in public places. Dami parin kasing walang disiplina.

  8. this post should be an eye opening to eveyrone!! especially our government!! their not doing job enough to sustain what the promised they give long time ago!! no changes and what were gonna expect right?

  9. marami talagang kulang sa disiplina.. tsk tsk :/

  10. Yaiks! But I do concede and I hope it reaches my city soon!

  11. one learns his/her lessons until he/she becomes the lesson... reality bites

  12. .. and the list of bills that doesn't have that long-term vision nor the necessary implementing system in placed to make it more relevant goes on and on and on. - all we can do is hope that for once great ideas like this are backed-up with WORK and not just MOUTH!

  13. juanderfulpinoy,
    That's one of the main ingredients of a successful law or bill -- attitudinal factor to be specific.

    And for sure nobody wants to admit the said lack of excellent performance. They prefer dealing with it using the cat and mouse chase phenomena or pointing fingers game.

    tama, sa simpleng bagay na lang - pagtatapon ng basura, di natin masunod.

    Hopefully, this will become one of the hopeful hopes :) 'wag naman sanang hanggang hope na lang.

    Like QUEEN's old time song "Another one bites the dust". It always happens.

    blogger RAIN,
    Easy bro, we became experts of the blah blah thing and its hard to overcome. Worse than that is, some campaigns only last for like a few months or a year, but that is very rare.

  14. I pray for the success of this campaign! Also, the 700% increase in SIN taxes should be implemented immediately! :)