LTFRB Revives 489 Dead Bus Franchises, Hasty Decision?

This is some kind of a mysterious quiz box in the midst of already topsy-turvy state of public transportation in Metro Manila. Fresh from the oven, the country's board for Land Transportation and Franchise boldly issued a hasty approval to revive about half a thousand "dead" bus franchises, belonging to the "defunct Pantranco North Express Inc." to operate in Luzon.

Such franchises have been stopped from operating in 1993.


This is not a case of mere revival of bus franchises; There is more to it. You see, this reactive order took place in the middle of Aquino's campaign to decongest Metro Manila thoroughfares, specially EDSA through provision of integrated terminals for buses plying the suburbs.

While at that, there are two existing memoranda, 1) DOTC Memorandum to the LTFRB dated July 23, 1996 2) LTFRB Memorandum Circular 2010-034 that are both confirming that the said Pantranco lines had expired long time ago and cannot be sold nor transferred. Also, in over 20 years, both DOTC and the LTFRB have consistently stood its ground that restoration of the expired lines will surely inflict chaos in the stream of Public Service Law, more so on transport/traffic demand.

For the big surprise, the LTFRB just awarded the almost 500 lines under the domination of five (5) bus companies namely, Pangasinan Five Star, Victory Liner, Bataan Transit, First North Luzon Bus Co. and Luzon Cisco Transport.

Definitely a knee-jerk move to seemingly something that is very pressuring. Whatever that is, I would like to leave it to your wild guess and imagination. Some online news portal even stated that, due the very sudden declaration, the supposed oppositors did not have the ample time to comment or maybe state a protest. They were given up to May 31, 2012 to file their position papers and such, whereas the final decision was already issued for compliance on May 21, 2012.

This is a mockery to the government's moratorium on giving provincial franchises, except for developmental or missionary routes.

Having the said new franchises, which means, additional buses to swarm our already-congested Metropolis will only make the situation worse. This is definitely an additional load to our already-stressed out thoroughfares, like EDSA. Keeping them operational without proper provision of necessary support systems is like letting a tank of piranha out in the community river. Most if not all of the terminal facilities that we have in the country are still lacking some basic requirements to really deliver its required services.

Assuming this is seen as a manageable move, does it follow that the government's campaign for the Metro's decongestion from traffic have already foreseen this future revival of new franchises? Which comes to mind, are all of these pre-planned and conspired?

Why just now? ..just saying.

If this is something of a subject in your curious minds, the said revived dead bus franchises were awarded to:
..companies owned by members of the Hernandez family, the largest bus operator in Luzon.

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