XEROX Embarked on ITS to Improve Transportation

XEROX Embarked on ITS to Improve Transportation. You must have known Xerox as one of the long standing copy industries in the world and now, the company made a very significant leap - joining the transport stream through Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) by deploying some of the results of the works of their hard working researchers.

Being one of the largest "provider of transportation services to governments around the world" today, Xerox is seemingly making its presence in many unexpected places since its acquisition of the Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) in 2010.

This year's ITS America Annual Meeting, Xerox chairman and CEO Ursula Burns will be one of the featured speakers. Burns will be discussing the role of the company as a key player in shaping transportation through ITS.

Xerox already made its mark in Indianapolis and Los Angeles ,wherein it utilized its "multi-function devices" in helping people how to find and pay parking spaces easier. So far, Xerox got ready solutions on the following:

1. Congestion Management Tolling - with its dynamic pricing algorithms, Xerox helps in the automatic adjustment of prices according to parking demand or volume. It is one of the many efforts of the company to improve parking fee collection and enforcement by applying dynamic pricing technology.

2. Intelligent public transport - through SmartTraveler Plus app, Xerox provides commuters mobile access to real-time schedule and route information through cellular phones and other mobile computing devices.

3. Data Analytics - Xerox employs technology to translate traffic and transport related activities data into a bundle of knowledge that transportation managers can use in finding patterns , trends and possibly, solutions. Xerox specifically uses "city dashboard", which includes heat maps that graphically illustrates various transportation activities on many services such as parking, tolling, public transit, etc.

Kudos to Xerox for diving into the pool of ITS and solutions. With proper technology transfer, use and handling, I think such technologies and innovations can be beneficial for the Philippines. In Metro Manila alone, parking demand is already a monstrous thing to deal with. Add the irresponsible parking attitude and you have a perfect duo for a traffic chaos.

But I think, we are moving and that's for sure.

And yes, if you can make it, attend the 2012 ITS America Annual Meeting.


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  1. I really love it improving transportation is a very big help to every body who always encounter a bad road.