Annual Motorcycle And Scooter Ride to Work Day 2012

Annual Motorcycle And Scooter Ride to Work Day 2012 -- It is expected that this time of the year, comes 3rd Monday of June (18), the annual motorcycle and scooter ride to work (RTW) will be participated by the rapidly growing numbers of two-wheel riders across the regions of the Philippines.

Ride To Work movement for the bikers around world has been around for sometime. Hundreds if not millions of riders participate in this annual practice of bike riding to work, owing to demonstrate the positive impacts or benefits of motorcycle and scooter riding. People from all walks of industry join this yearly activity, regardless of what type and make of motorcycle or scooter they own.

In the US, Ride To Work is supported by many city administrations. People are aware of the potentials of the practice and that, RTW may contribute the following:
  • Reduced traffic congestion
  • Reduced parking demand
  • Decreased commute times, and
  • Reduced fuel consumption

With proper riding discipline and religious respect for the existing road rules and regulations, Ride To Work may serve as an inspiration to work harder on integrated movements involving the riding public, city officials and advocates in realizing a better transportation system and state.

In some foreign countries, Ride To Work is supported by the local governments through issuing certain proclamations while some by providing parking spaces and ramps at metered spaces for zero charge during the said day. In the Philippines, one of the great motorcycling organizations has been supporting and advocating Ride To Work (Work To Ride) since many years ago. A lot of sub-organizations also participate during this pivotal event in the motorcycling body of the country.

If you belong or manage a certain motorcycling group, you can do your part by encouraging your own local government body and units through information materials such as appreciation seminars, workshops and the like. You may also request for an official proclamation of the Ride To Work event using this universal template from

Or this one, for the "support proclamation that any city" can issue to the public.

Also, don't forget to send a copy of your local Ride To Work proclamation to [email protected] for their compilation of proclamations from around the world and feature in their website.

Ride Safe Everyone!

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