1st Manila Folding Bike Festival by Folding Bike Pilipinas (Fbp)

Manila Folding Bike Festival by Folding Bike Pilipinas 1st Manila Folding Bike Festival by Folding Bike Pilipinas (Fbp) -- Do you have a folding bike and would like to join a festival for a cause, while you get to meet fellow folding bike owners and riders? Then June 23 (Saturday, 2012) is a date for you to save. The FBP will be holding its very first event at "The Collective", Malugay St. Makati City.

The said activity will have the following segments:

7am - 10am
- Assembly Ride and Bike Blessing

10am - 6pm
- Contest Registration
- Contest
- Raffle
- Bike Clinic
- Exhibit

6pm - 8pm
- Awarding
- Concert
- Jamming
- Party

Event date: Saturday, June 23, 2012
Time: 7:00am until 8:00pm
Contact (FBP admin):
[email protected]
Entrance fee: P50

The Folding Bike Pilipinas, fresh from its Facebook group page:

We are passionate about BIKING--especially on our folding bikes.

We champion and support advocacies for biking as a sport, as a form of transportation and as a part of our lifestyle.
Here's from the organization's event page:

Folding Bike Pilipinas (Fbp) with Yadu, Dakila, Bside, and Jam88.3 present The 1st Manila Folding Bike Festival, on the 23rd of June 2012 from 7am to 8pm at The Collective, Malugay St. Makati City.

For the first time in Metro Manila, a bike festival that will showcase a variety of folding bikes and the life of a folding bike user. There will be folding bike clinics, folding bike contests, folding bike blessing, folding bike exhibits, folding bike raffle, and even a group of musicians, Beatbike, to jam who are all folding bike users.

All types of cyclists are welcome to join the ride and the fun too! Please help spread the word. Thank you very much.
If you think that you share the same passion and vision on folding bikes, you got to stay tuned for more details on this milestone event being organized by the Folding Bike Pilipinas.

Images: FBP