Safety Tips When Commuting via Taxi in Metro Manila

Safety Tips When Commuting via Taxi in Metro Manila. Last month, I posted about a certain call a taxi service that is intended to cover the entire Philippines. In close relation, there is also this fast emerging threat on the lives of individuals trying to commute via taxi cabs, specially those that are coming from the major business districts.

I learned from my Facebook network of friends that this modus operandi has been happening in the Metro for quiet sometime now. Are we just plane uninformed or just oblivious of the potential long term effects of this crystal clear life threat? I do hope the local government units will coordinate harder with the country's concerned line agencies to address this security concern for the taxi cabs riding public.

In any case, we should be very careful in taking these units as a mode of transportation, specially in the wee hours or during busy instances, where we could be unmindful of what are really happening around us. With that, I got this security advisory from Shell, which a commuter should take into deep consideration for a safer commuting experience. Read on with the texts in the image below:


We could be worrying about the P50 Taxi Flagdown Rate Increase, but there is more to it - our safety on the road.

Take note of the following taxi companies contact number:
  • R&E Taxi - 3621890
  • Nissan Taxi - 5512439
  • Basic Taxi - 6437777
  • Crownstar Taxi - 7473064
  • Avis Taxi - 8795263, 8795282
  • EMP - 2935930, 2935931, 2917005
  • MGE - 3648260, 3636096, 3666214
  • Nine Star - 3301654

Be vigilant in taking your ride, anytime and anywhere. Use your cunning eyes and superb instincts in choosing a cab to ride. If you feel suspicious of anything, trust your inner self. Always take the safer side.

I do hope that this set of security advisory or security tips in commuting via taxi cabs in Metro Manila will take us home safe to our well-wishing families.

Thanks to Gennithony Eson ( and
Albano Nino ( for posting and sharing the safety tips for taxi commuters image version.


  1. Thanks for the information we need o be very cautious when getting this kind of service

  2. wow! your post is really a great help, especially riding a taxi during night time.. Its soo sad that there are still lots of drivers who are very greedy

  3. Nice info here... btw, are you paid on putting these sort of taxi company ads? :)

  4. I've never been to Manila myself, but I'm sure will be taking notes of these very helpful tips, just in case.

  5. Wow! What an unsafe feeling for tourists and locals. One should feel relatively safe in a Taxi. This must be hurting business for the honest drivers. I used to drive a taxi.

  6. Times are getting more dangerous but that shouldn't deter us from carrying on with our lives. Caution and presence of mind should be part of our daily mindset.

    These tips are a good start. Let's support these reputable taxi operators so that they will earn more and field more safe units on the streets.

  7. Dexter,
    You are right. With a lot of terrible incidences involving taxi cabs, one should really take extra precautions.

    Not only there are greedy drivers but sometimes, they work together with those lawless elements in the society.

    This post is not paid. I made it out of an intention to extend help and share information.

    I am sure they will be of great use, once you find yourself here in Metro Manila.

    Vigilance is needed really. Plus, the government should really employ an effective system or mechanism on how to take care of this sad truth.

    I think education and close coordination with the taxi drivers, their operators in the bigger sense, will be great factors in developing a safer environment with the taxi cabs.

  8. thanks for the info... also be cautious when a taxi driver spraying something(substance) on the AC, to let you sleep and then robs all your belongings.

  9. I always text the taxi's plate number to my husband and I still don't feel any safer! Thanks for the phone numbers!

  10. i tried one of the taxi service of LBR TAXI which owned by MR. Luis Manzano and yet they had a good services in handling passengers like me...KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK .."LBR TAXI" :)