Live Traffic Monitoring System / Traffic Navigator for Metro Manila

TV5 and MMDA Live Traffic Monitoring System for Metro Manila. The Metro Manila Development Authority in cooperation with TV5 feature one of the online tools that every commuter in the Metro would find very useful. If you ply Metro Manila thoroughfares and would like to be updated with road traffic state and condition, this tool is what you have been looking for.

This online traffic data utility covers nine (9) selected major corridors in Metro Manila namely, EDSA, Commonwealth, Quezon Avenue, Espana, C5, Ortigas, Marcos Highway, Roxas Boulevard, SLEX. To use the system, you just have to follow these three (3) steps:

Step 1: Choose a view / Step 2: See the latest traffic status / Step 3: Click icon to view details

The traffic navigator system got 3 views available. These are: 1. System view 2. Line view and 3. Google map view. Take a look at the screenshots below for the visual overview.

Metro Manila Traffic Navigator System View. This view will show you the covered road network layout with its corresponding major nodes and intersections, including related labels such as land marks and major infrastructures. As shown in the legend, you would know if a specific node, intersection or stretch is heavy, moderate or light in traffic. The red call out with a number inside indicates the presence of a traffic advisory for a certain point in the road network.

Sample of traffic advisory in the traffic navigator:

Metro Manila Traffic Navigator Line View. This shows the road network traffic level by direction and an option to view the road network line in Google map form. Below the level of traffic classification bar, you will know what time a certain point was updated. This view also shows traffic advisories.

Metro Manila Traffic Navigator Google Map View. This is the map view of the road network covered by the traffic navigator. The traffic level indicator in terms of north and south bound directions are reflected on the map with corresponding traffic level classification. You have the option to share such information, directly to your Facebook or Twitter network.

Metro Manila Traffic Navigator Menu Panel. The menu panel shows the choices of links or options that you can use to explore the road network. You may take a look at EDSA's traffic congestion level for southbound only, or maybe northbound or both.

While this is a highly commendable step for the MMDA and TV5 for that matter, it is also a bright horizon for the government to revisit the need to dedicate resources in developing the country's intelligent transport system (ITS).

If this system made its way to the web, it also has the high potential to make it to the actual integration with the metropolitan's road infrastructures. Those streams of traffic data and information will serve the motorists better if they can see them flashed on a roadside display panels while they are traveling or perhaps, right from their dashboards via in-vehicle navigation systems. With that, commuters will be well-informed and so, they will know which time it is best to execute a trip or which road section it is favorable to traverse at a certain point in time.

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