7 Online Mapping Portals to View and Query on Philippine Maps

Here we go for our 7 Online Mapping Portals to View and Query on Philippine Maps, which is made up web portals where we can view, navigate and perform queries on Philippine maps for some simple research, statistics and topographic information. For sometime now, since the arrival of Google Earth, mapping online / map viewing online has been easier than before. It is just right to exploit this free tool.

Moreover, if you are familiar with the present and emerging Geographic and Information System or GIS tools, you would enjoy these free online map resources. The same with those into open source softwares. These days, it is much easier to collect real time data such as way points and trails using GPS. Mobile data sources like cellular phones are also on the rise. Their capability to store and share GPS data is a great progress in mobile computing and map sharing activities.

Without further ado, here goes the list for the 7 Online Mapping Portals to View and Query on Philippine Maps:

Maplandia.com is the dubbed as "Google maps world gazetteer". It has got the "detailed map of Philippines and neighboring countries", including specific locations list, like those for sightseeing purposes and the like. Maplandia allows to explore Philippines using detailed satellite imagery sets. You may also browse the country's administrative regions to look for your potential vacation spots and destinations.


Worldcountries.info lets you explore Philippine maps online via its hybrid (satellite imagery with street names) format. It makes it favorable to geography oriented map viewers, with great concern on street view and information.

WorldMapFinder.com offers hybrid, terrain and street map viewing. It has got thumbnail preview located at the lower right part of the whole map. World Map Finder's web mapping service application is powered by Google.

Nationsonline.org gives the full map viewing feature such as street, satellite, hybrid and terrain. It got satellite maps for the Philippines / Southeast Asia in the:
South China Sea, with Malaysia in south-west, Indonesia in south, and Vietnam in west, Taiwan, and mainland China to the north.
What's great is that you would be able also to have a preview of panoramic scenes of some areas in the Philippines.

Satellitesights.com is rather specific in its map presentation. It basically lists specific locations in the Philippines, well at least contributed by its pool of satellite image sources, then you get to view it via Google Maps platform. Information listed with every specific satellite image in the map are data such as location, latitude & longitude, including number of page views and default map viewing format. It comment feature lets anyone supply additional information or update as needed.

Maps.ph is a localized free online map viewing service. By default, there options like local and street maps for query and viewing. It is good for travelers, specially urban based, and hikers as well.

Roadguide.ph is a map viewing service for the Philippines which is by registration. It is forum-based. You register to use the system then encouraged to contribute and share GPS maps for the map database for online viewing. The site offers two types of maps:
  1. a standard map for registered users and;
  2. an advanced map for data contributors only

Enjoy these free online map viewing service for the Philippines according to your needs, but of course under your own discretion. The maps and its relative data accuracy still depend on the streams of information feed from various individuals. Always try to seek for the ground truths to form realistic decisions on your planned travels/trips or maybe exploration of the beautiful islands of the Philippines.

If there is one thing that I could suggest to the above-mentioned free online maps and directions services online, it would be the Google's feature to show route paths depending on the chosen mode of transportation.

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