20 New Franchises of E-Jeepney for Makati City

20 New Franchises of E-Jeepney for Makati City. Fresh news have it that Makati City has just been granted by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) with additional 20 new franchises of e-jeepneys to ply three different Makati Green Routes:
  1. Legaspi Village
  2. Salcedo Village, and
  3. Heritage Village loops
The press statement was given by the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) Undersecretary Efren Moncupa on Friday.

The DOTC hopes that this initiative of giving way to continue patronize the once-known "King of the Road" in a more Eco-friendly way, will improve the country's environment, at least starting from Makati City as the role model. There is no doubt that the quality of air, specially in the urbanized cities in the Philippines have deteriorated very badly in the past decades or so.

The DOTC have already approached some Transport groups, Pasang Masda for one, to encourage them to switch to these "environmentally-friendly modes of transport" - the e-jeepneys.

Other things that are being contemplated on by the DOTC is the fitting of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) engines to the existing regular jeepney units, as it is seen more “efficient and eco-friendly.” On the same ground, the department is also intending to conduct a research on the issue of reducing the age limit of Public Utility Vehicles in the country.

Going electronic and LPG could be our best options for today. I mean, there can hardly be a thing in this earth that has no adverse effects on the environment, specially when not used properly, but at least some of them are minimal.

On pollution and vehicle age: Really, these things should have been addressed a long time ago. If you have been observant with the public transportation units roaming in the Metro, you would have an idea why we have this kind of chaos in our traffic stream, not to mention the level of air and noise pollution that we seem to overlook by just covering our ears with our expensive earphones. Seriously, this is the time for close coordination among local government units and the main line agencies of the country. Equip the public and the officials with the right information and knowledge, converted to skills and capability to deliver one's duties and responsibilities towards the environment.

To whoever part or task it is, a smoke belching vehicle should be flagged and fined right away, according to the stipulated rules and regulations. The problem is, it does not happen in reality. You would see a traffic enforcer, just watching those old and heavy smoke emitting vehicles pass by and no nothing. We got smoke belching law, as far as I know, but where is it? Stand still or take a walk alongside any busy streets in Metro Manila or other urbanized cities in the country, then after a few minutes, wipe your face with a white tissue paper. You will know what I am talking about.

According to the above news report, the Philippines has got 116 µg/Ncm (micrograms per normal cubic meter) of total suspended particulates, while the World Health Organization (WHO) says that the standard figure should be 90 µg/Ncm. We are at least 29% over the line.

Think about it!

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