Philippines Bagged the 4th iRAP Asia Pacific Award

Philippines Bagged the 4th iRAP Asia Pacific Award -- Philippines is an active advocate of promoting road safety. As an evidence, the country won the 4th International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) Asia Pacific Award for 2011. This is following the trails of success in the neighboring Asian regions like Malaysia, Viet Nam and New Zealand.

The award was granted on the 8th of March 2012. Executive Director of the Philippine Global Road Safety Partnership (PGRSP) Bert Suansing said:
We are surprised that iRAP had chosen the Philippines, and we are also very thankful
Greg Smith, iRAP Asia Pacific Director explained that the Philippines got the award for the reason that the country has got the full force working together as partners in promoting road safety.
The Philippines won the award because they have outstanding leadership and really strong partnership

They have the highway authority, NGOs, policy makers, and the President of the Philippines, Benigno Aquino, personally involved in the project. We find the best success road safety programmes are those with strong leadership
In its recent major activity for the road safety project (iRAP Philippines), Philippines through its Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), in close coordination and cooperation with its partners, surveyed about 3,500 km of road networks. The survey data made it possible for the organization to evaluate the greater picture of the country's road safety situation. The main product of the survey is a set of recommendations, which prioritize the:
..building of footpaths and safe crossing points to protect pedestrians.
PGRSP revealed that the next step following the coming up of a set of recommended actions pertaining to road safety will be focused on its effective implementation. Specifically, the partnership vowed to work hard over next 12 months:
to ensure that safety barriers are put into place, intersections are improved, and pedestrian crossings are built.
Congratulations on the award Philippines. Kudos to the efforts extended by the PGRSP and its strong and enthusiastic partners.

Yours truly is glad to be one of the chosen members of the Technical Working Group (TWG) of the iRAP Philippines project. It feels great to be a part of one of the major projects of the nation that is geared towards saving lives.


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