Call a Taxi Service, Launched in the Philippines

call-a-taxi Fresh from the pan is the launch of the Call a Taxi Service in the Philippines, wherein a commuter can just log online and browse over the taxi directory to request for a taxi service by contacting the chosen company.

The website is basic in operation, at least as of now; It lists down any available taxi companies within your chosen area of origin or destination. After choosing your location from the list down menu in the website, you will be prompted with a list of the available taxi companies, wherein you will gain access to their basic information like company location or address, phone and web contact.

This site is still new so not much in the database listing yet. But at least you will get initial results for Metro Manila areas, which includes airport taxi service. Here is the sample result from a test search:


Clicking on the "Read More" tab will get you to the page below:


You will get links to read further information provided by a certain taxi company, as well as a contact page to send a direct message to the operator/owner. The map feature on the right side, showing the taxi's (I supposed a garage location) geographic location can still be improved by employing Google's API to search for possible routes for a potential commuter. But then again, kudos to the minds behind Call a for coming up with this initiative.

The site was created to address the passengers' growing needs to avail taxi services in the Philippines. This online search directory is viewed as unique, convenient, safe, reliable and passenger-centered. was created in order to address the growing needs of passengers wanting to get taxis in the Philippines, anywhere in the country, in a more unique convenient, safe and reliable, passenger-centered service.
Call a uses "legitimate companies" registered with the country's Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB).

Call a Taxi website:
Facebook page:

I think the system looks promising. Other features to include could be information on fare and routes, among other things. On a much larger scale, issues on unregistered or what we locally call as "colorum" units, including drivers' behavior issues and such must also be considered in the further development of Call a Taxi directory service. There has to be a close coordination with the LTFRB and other concerned government line agencies as well.

Looking forward to a fruitful Call a Taxi service directory in the country.


  1. This sounds cool! Hope this will implement more! :)

  2. wow... gusto ko to.. no more hassle na.. thanks for this one!!! sana lang maayos yung mag implement!!

  3. oh this is cool, are they availabale even in the wee hours?

  4. This is nice, at least jan we can avoid those unscrupulous taxi drivers, dahil madali silang matrace at maireklamo

  5. I just hope this service can manage to push thru, it would be very convenient :)


  6. So much easier than call and waiting on hold. Truly hope this works our!

  7. very helpful to those who are stranded in the office or during late night workshift. hope this will prosper.

  8. Thank you so much for commenting. We feel so complemented. Right now our database is getting more and more listings, free listings to be exact.

    Like other people, we need help as well. If you ride a taxi, please note the taxi name and it's operator's number and send it to [email protected] or visit contact page, fill in the form and write us your contribution.