MMDA Hotlines for Behaved and Corrupt Traffic Aides

MMDA Hotlines for Behaved and Corrupt Traffic Aides -- If worrying about the erring traffic aides of the MMDA or Metro Manila Development Authoity is one of your main concerns in your daily commuting struggles in the Mega Manila, you may now send your reports to the agency itself via a dedicated hotline. It is called the “Kontra Kotong (anti-mulcting)” hotline - "0929-4000572".

Similarly, you may also send in your words of praises or commendations for the behaved traffic enforcers by using a certain “Papuri (praise)” hotline - "0905-3989288".

The reporting media were provided by the MMDA in response to their experience of receiving reports about mulcting aides in their rank. While at that, those who are doing an exceptional duty or shall we say, behaving in their daily duty as traffic enforcers shall also be given the chance to be rewarded, hence the “Papuri (praise)” hotline.

This move is one of the agency's steps to "instill discipline" among its aides. MMDA thought that by having this citizen report portal, both behaved and corrupt personnel may be dealt with accordingly.

MMDA chairman Francis Tolentino said during an interview on dzBB radio:
Kung magagawa natin ito makikipagtulungan tayo maayos ang pagpapatupad ng batas trapiko, mabigyan natin ng disiplina ang sidewalk vendors, at makakatulong kayo sa amin malinis ang aming hanay. (If we can do this - help each other in solving the issues on enforcing traffic rules and regulations and instilling discipline to sidewalk vendors, you can also help us in cleaning our own ranks)
Chairman Tolentino asked those who would be sending reports on allegedly abusive MMDA aides / personnel to also provide all possible details of the incident. The Chairman gave his assurance that such reports will be given the due process needed.

Kudos to the MMDA for this effort and sign of dedication. Let us hope that this can be sustained and become an effective way, if not the total solution to the deteriorating traffic enforcement in the country. Although this move should have been done a long time ago, second chance and opportunity are always there to look up to for a better commuting experience in Metro Manila.

This "MMDA Hotlines for Behaved and Corrupt Traffic Aides" is no doubt a wonderful happening, after the launching of the online systems (non-government) dealing with the reporting of abusive taxi drivers, side to side with another website, which gathers commendations of the behaving taxi drivers in the Philippines.


  1. This is a good idea. It's easier for commuters/motorists to text than pick up the phone and call the office to complain MMDA enforcers. I just hope those we complain about won't have a way to track the numbers and the people who filed a complaint against them. "Resbak" is scary thought.

  2. Interesting news. I'm not familiar with the MMDA. I looked it up and it stands for Metropolitan Manila Development Authority. It seems there is alot of corruption claims against these enforcers, like wrongful impounding of vehicles and excepting bribes?

  3. Nica,
    You are correct. Mobile phones have been the gadget of almost every commuter nowadays. Though MMDA should have simplified its move by providing at least, a sample format of the sms that a person should send. I think there has to be some elements to be included from the side of the reporting party, like name etc. But then again, that retaliation thing got me thinking. Which brings me to the idea that maybe, the entity that should handle the reporting system must be a separate body from the MMDA itself.

  4. Kyle,
    You got the meaning of the acronym right. And the issues attached to the agency is real. There have been reports tackling it. Wrongfully impounded vehicles is just one, among the many case that you can find. Bribery is another thing.

  5. This is a really good idea (as others have said above). Lets hope that the good traffic aides receive the praise they deserve

  6. This is one gutsy move, a lot of these people are acting too much and seems they like the kings of the road.

  7. If the people handling the complaints are not buddy-buddies with the officers it won't be a problem. It always comes down to discipline, honesty, acceptance which sadly most of those in MMDA and even politicians and some individuals lack.....Juan dela Cruz has been pushed too much to dishonesty :(