Philippine's Department of Tourism New Slogan for 2012

This previous week, on Friday to be exact, the Internet got swarmed by the netizens in reaction - some gave supportive remarks and suggested positive campaigns, while some lambast the very creation of the latest tourism slogan of the DOT, which goes "It's More Fun in the Philippines". As far as I can remember, this is the 3rd slogan of the department, in its efforts to promote the image of the country.

"It's More Fun in the Philippines" is actually a creation with the help of the BBDO Guerrero | Proximity Philippines. For this tourism drive, DOT launched a dedicated website located at: It is still under construction but from the looks of it, a lot of exciting features will be put up in the said web portal.

This is a positive step in presenting to the world the great and fun things that they can actually enjoy while in the Philippines. A fresh and new approach to tourism promotion after the tragic events, notably the hostage crisis at the Quirino Grandstand on the 23rd of August 2010.

The DOT Secretary is optimistic enough to tap the power of social media in selling out this tourism drive for the Philippines.

In an interview with GMA News TV’s “State of the Nation”, DOT Secretary Jimenez said;
Believe in the beauty of your country. Sell it at every turn. Sell it on Facebook, on Twitter, on Multiply. Talk about your country because we deserve a visit from the world
Few minutes after the launching of the slogan and its website, Twitter hash tags #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines and #1ForFun rose to the top trending topics list. Facebook users also bombarded their status lines with the same topic. Blog posts, articles and Tweets were all over the Interwebs.

What are your opinions on this new tourism campaign/slogan of the Department of Tourism? Some say, a good slogan or campaign should be complimented with sufficient and relevant infrastructures, along with a much stronger political will, in order for it to last long and prosper. What's your idea?

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  1. This is the nation's latest tourist slogan released by the Dept. of Tourism (DOT) to associates of the media on Exclusive, months after the organization experienced critique over its unsuccessful "Pilipinas Kay Ganda" promotion.