MMDA Starts Motorcycle Lanes Dry Run on Oct. 17

A PIA article revealed today that the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is set to start its dry run of the new road use measures dedicated to the motorcycle users - the motorcycle lanes on Commonwealth and Macapagal Avenues, starting October 17 (Monday) at that's tomorrow.

The  rule to be enforced on the motorcycle riders, according to MMDA Chief of Staff Attorney Emerson Carlos is that, they must:
“take the fourth lane from the outermost lane, and those going through Macapagal Avenue should take the outermost lane beside the sidewalk.”
The said lanes are not exclusive though. Other vehicle types may also utilize the said lane but not the other way around. Motorcyclists are prohibited to take the lanes aside from the motorcycle lanes designated.

Another rule to be implemented is that, motorcyclists will be required to turn their headlights on while traveling. This is to ensure visibility on the part of the other vehicles and pedestrians as well.

Motorcyclists  caught violating the above-mentioned rules will not be issued with violation tickets, yet, at least at the duration of the 1-week test. Instead, the drivers will be warned and asked to undergo a "roadside orientation on cycle safety". A sticker signifying that a certain driver has already been warned and oriented.

The final implementation of the said motorcycle lanes will be on October 24. This step is taken in view of the notion that a large number of road mishaps happening in the Metro does involve motorcycles.

Let's see how this thing go.

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