GT111, The Philippine-designed E-Sports Car

A team of Filipinos designed a prototype all-electric sports grand touring car, which will be unveiled on November 1-4 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Nevada for the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) meet. It is definitely a timely step given the global push on the adherence to the aspirations of EST or Environmentally Sustainable Transport.

Photo: / This is a Toyota Electric Vehicle. We are yet to see an image
of the real Philippine-designed e-sports car.
The e-sports car is named as GT111 - electric powered with an estimated top speed of 250 kph, acceleration of 0 to 100 kph in 5 seconds, HP of 250 that can go as high as 800 as per owner's preference and a grandeur torque of up to 320 lb/ft from zero rpm. What more could you ask for, for one electrifying sports car ride?

The said sports car is a project of Michel Motorsport, headed by Jan Kierulf. He confirmed that the electric ride is actually a product of continental collaboration involving different countries.
The conceptual objective, design, pre-engineering through manufacturability project management, and business planning is Filipino. The chassis and suspension and vehicle standards collaboration is with a British partner. The electric power train development is United States.
The initial market for this Philippine-designed electric-sports car set is for Europe. Bringing the product to the SEMA is but a field of exposure to hook up with any potential partners for the future production of the e-sports car. The car to be featured in SEMA will be powered by a liquid-cooled electric AC motor, Kierulf added.

Said Kierulf on the aspect of power and configurability;
The car is manufactured to be light and promises to deliver the much-sought-after performance and driving range. The power is scalable, and can go as high as 800 hp, depending on what the customer orders. It can be configured to have two inboard direct drive rear mounted motors or can be configured to be powered in all four wheels. The objective of the car project is to establish three things: exceptional design, performance, and robustness/reliability. We want the car and the brand to be equated to this attributes early on at the onset"
This is yet another breakthrough for the car industry in the Philippines. It will be a great avenue of opportunity for the local manufacturers and designers to thrive towards high standards in its production line. E-sports car is indeed a globally competitive product.

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