This Video Shows We Can't Follow a Simple Rule - SM North EDSA Pedestrian Crossing

In 2012, I wrote about SM North EDSA's bright initiative of putting up signalized pedestrian crossing facilities.

SM North EDSA pedestrian crossing

But then, later on, this happened! It was sometime in 2013 when I was stuck in SM North EDSA due to an official assembly that did not push through.

I was supposed to meet with a car-driving colleague so that I can hitch a ride going to the assembly venue.

Unfortunately, the event had to be cancelled for some reasons.

So instead of heading back home, I decided to take my usual dose of coffee and a couple of doughnuts in a certain coffee shop inside the mall. I was sitting by the window by then, with the view of the pedestrian crossing lane fronting EDSA corridor.

The traffic lights in the crossing facility were working. Then after a few minutes of watching the mall goers crossing, I saw something that made me record a video.

It is disappointing to find out that most of the time, we hear people complaining a lot about how bad traffic in Metro Manila is. Little do they know that at the outset, the problem is actually lurking within them.

Take this one for example. Pedestrians simply ignored the traffic lights as they cross the road.

What are your thoughts on this?

How about you? How do you behave on the road?