Manila's Anti Smoke Belching Unit Caught Racing in the Steet: Advocacy and Official Function at its Best?

I guess we can't just get enough of this thing - veteran journalist Ira Panganiban posted these photos on his Facebook page, showing a group of men on motorcycles seemingly waiting for the guns mighty bang to start the race.

Anti Smoke Belching Unit of Manila (ASBU) on street race

Their shirts bear the print "ASBU Manila", which stands for "Anti Smoke Belching Unit" of Manila.

Anti Smoke Belching Unit of Manila (ASBU) on street race

But indeed, they were on a race on Osmena Highway, as per description by Panganiban.

It goes with the irony, doesn't it? These guys are supposed to be government employees, tasked to police smoke belching in Manila city. Yet, they can't police themselves; They violate a simple helmet law.

That guy driving the second motorcycle from the left is wearing a woven hat. How amazing!

Anti Smoke Belching Unit of Manila (ASBU) on street race

Anti Smoke Belching Unit of Manila (ASBU), which I bet is under the office of Mayor Estrada should be looked into.

Motorists attitudes on the streets like these can be punishable acts according to the Department of Justice.


There are serious threats borne by racing in the public streets but these guys look like they're held up high with their throttles.

Dang, after a long and quite hiatus on this blog, I finally found a subject to post about.