SM Malls in Xiamen Goes Solar

This just got in and perhaps, a big shout outs for Henry Sy-led SM Prime Holdings - a project has just been revealed wherein SM malls in Xiamen, Fujian Province in China is proud for being first of its kind in using solar power to operate business.

SM City Xiamen and SM Lifestyle Center got solar panels to generate electricity at an average of 1.1 million killowat hour (KWh) per year, according to an estimate.

SM Prime president Hans Sy said:
SM Prime is constantly in pursuit of the highest level of operational efficiency. In line with this, we place strong emphasis in investing in the latest innovations in sustainable and energy efficient technology
While SM prime is the the largest conglomeration of shopping malls in the Philippines, one cannot help but think of the same technology like what has just been adapted in China. Why not? Well, business reasons perhaps? I don't know, but as much as our power shortages in the country are concerned, we needed such technologies the most.

Let's hope this can also be considered for the country's 47 malls with combined GFA (Gross Floor Area) of almost 6 Million square meters. (Photo: