Thursday, 20 December 2012

Kawaii Japanese Collars for Dogs - Duckface or Quack Dog Muzzle


Kawaii Japanese Collars for Dogs - Duckface or Quack Dog Muzzle -- Did you ever think of swapping your pet dog with a different kind? Like a duck or something? The posibility may be less so how about transforming them into such without the hassle of surgery or something for that matter.

Actually, the quick solution may be found right in the land of seemingly crazy but practical stuffs - Japan. Here goes a product that will instantly transform your pet dog into a duck. It's a special collar that you can put on to your dog's as a mouth guard, like the ones in the pictures below:

Duckface or Quack Dog Muzzle
Duckface or Quack Dog Muzzle
Some call this thing "Quack Dog Muzzle" or "Duckface". Walking your dog in the streets will never be the same again in terms of looks or cuteness if you attribute it to the "Kawaii" realm and also, safety. You will be enjoying the stroll with your pets without the worries that your dog might just bite anyone, comes the random moods or accidents. Barking is regulated too.

At the moment, this cute dog collar is available from at Rakuten Ichiba market (

How do you find this stuff? Interesting? Wanna have one for your dog?



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