Tuesday, 7 January 2014

No free rides on Jan. 9 for Black Nazarene Devotees

There will be no free ride for the Black Nazarene devotees on January 9 (Thurs), the Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) said on Tuesday.
Devotees are expected to troop to Luneta and Quiapo on the said date. As per past conducts of the feast, LRT ridership tend to increase as people flock to Manila's busy district Quiapo.

Feast of the Black Nazarene

That said, LRTA spokesman Cabrera said, barefoot passengers will be allowed to board the LRT trains.
The feast of the Black Nazarene is when a "life-sized, dark wooden sculpture of Jesus Christ carrying the cross" is being carried out for public veneration.

Urban walkers out there - beware of the increase traffic volume on the said date. Better plan your routes wisely.

Monday, 9 December 2013

LTO goes after abusive taxi drivers, again

The Land Transportation Office launches Oplan Isnabero! News like these is of course a sweet ring of the bell but if the trend is just turning round and round in a vicious cycle, it's a different story. It could be just another piece of dismay.
LTO Oplan Isnabero
So much so, if the program is only active at the initial phases.

A lot of us got tired of these kinds of taxi drivers in the metro. Let's hope that Director Mohammad Yusoph Lamping of LTO’s law enforcement service is out there to really ensure that his men will really impose / implement the rules continuously, not fading into oblivion as days pass by.

This has been the trend, there's no denying.

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) warned the abusive taxi drivers to beware as LTO personnel are out there to observe and apprehend them.

Lamping said:
Iniikot natin ‘yung different malls in Metro Manila, ‘yung mga commercial area, at ‘yung lahat na may pampublikong sasakyan, taxi man yan bus, jeep o FX para mabigyan ng proteksyon yung ating mananakay laban sa mga [taxi na] hindi nagpapasakay at umiiwas sa pasahero
Apela natin sa mga taxi driver at sa mga transport operator na ‘wag mamili ng pasahero. Pag nasa taxi bay na po iyan ay pasakayin na ‘yung mga nakapila na mga ta
Sa observation natin ngayon, mukhang kulang din ‘yung mga taxi lalo na pag sa hapon at gabi especially around rush hour mga 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
This reminds me of a reading related to dynamic transport supply and demand management. Anyways, let the government perform its roles.

Whatever turnout this effort would bring in, the erring or apprehended drivers will be fined with - "P1,700 plus a 45-day revocation of the driver’s license.", as per Lamping's statement.

You may report such abusive taxi drivers or operators to LTO via its hotline number 927-1851 or text 0998-9768-273.

You can also use this tool to report abusive taxi drivers, made by Taxikick and Taxikiss.

Monday, 2 December 2013

QC Councilor pushed higher fines for jaywalkers

I will be upfront on this - unless strict implementation can be worked out to the utmost, this new set of fines might just end up as an additional source of bribery.
Jaywalking in the Philippines
News had it that a Quezon City councilor seeked to impose higher fines for jaywalkers in the city. He cited that:
The penalties provided in (the city’s anti-jaywalking ordinance) are outdated and should be amended to be relevant to present monetary values
Stiffer sanctions will discourage jaywalkers and thus, promote safety for the pedestrians, 5th district councilor Aly Medalla said.

In the said proposed ordinance, violating individuals shall be fine with the following:

First offense: "P100 fine or eight hours of community service from the current P30 penalty."

Second offense: "P300 or complete 16 hours of community service, up from the current P50 fine."

Third offense: "P500 or complete 24 hours of community service from the current P100 penalty."

In this proposed amendment of the current anti jaywalking law, the offender's case shall be filed in court.

Seriously, we already have too many laws but even an elementary grade student can easily conclude that what is lacking is strict implementation. While other cities in the Metro (or perhaps, just one?) are strict in dealing with jaywalkers, Quezon City is rather loose in its take.

You can see road barriers full of "No Jaywalking" or "Walang Tawiran Nakamamatay" signs but pedestrians don't seem to mind.

Watch this video I once posted on Facebook - in SM North Edsa, crossing from the public transport terminal to the mall entrance, EDSA side.


We just can't follow, can we? Not even a simple traffic signal, saying while at RED, you don't cross.

Nevertheless, good luck with the passing of this ordinance.

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